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Script Encoder Syntax
Encode the script source code so that it is not easily viewed or modified by the user.
Screnc [/S] [f] [/XL] [/L deflanguage] [/e defextension] inputfile outputfile
Part of the Script encoder syntax is as follows:
Partial description
/s optional.
Switch that specifies that the script encoder's working state is static, resulting in no screen output. If omitted, the default is to provide redundant output.
/f is optional. Specifies that the input file will be overwritten by the output file.
Note that this option destroys your original input source code. If omitted, the output file is not overwritten.
/XL is optional. Specifies that @language pseudo directives are not added to the. Top of ASP file. If omitted, @language instructions are added to all. ASP file.
/l Deflanguage Optional. Specifies the default scripting language to use during encoding (jscript® or VBScript). The script block in the encoded file, if it does not contain a language attribute, is considered written by the specified language.
As omitted, JScript is the default language for HTML pages and Script applet, and VBScript is the default language for dynamic Web pages. For normal text files, the default scripting language is determined by the file name extension (. js or. vbs).
/e Defextension Optional. Associates an input file with a specific file type. This switch is used when the input file extension does not clearly display the file type, that is, when the input file name extension is not a recognized extension, but the file content can be classified as an identifiable type. This option is not a saved value. If a file with an unrecognized extension is encountered and the option is not specified, the script encoder cannot process the unrecognized file. The recognizable file extensions are ASA, ASP, CDX, HTM, html, JS, SCT, and VBS.
Inputfile is required. The name of the file to be encoded, including any required path information relative to the current directory.
OutputFile is required. The name of the output file to generate, including any required path information relative to the current directory.
The following are four types of files that the scripting writer can handle:
Asp. This format consists of a text Dynamic Web page that contains valid HTML and embedded script blocks in the <SCRIPT> ... </SCRIPT> tag or <% ...%> tag. Applications that use this format include microsoft&reg; Internet Information Services (IIS). The recognized file name extension has. asp,. Asa and. CDX.
Html. The format consists of a text file that contains valid HTML and embedded script blocks. Applications written using this script format include Microsoft Frontpage&reg; microsoft&reg; Visual interdev& #8482; And all virtual Web designers and browsers. The recognized file name extension has. htm and. html.

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