Microsoft's AI, AI

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Microsoft's AI, AI

Recently, Microsoft xiaoice's self-owned examiner recruited his interns, showing the limelight. When a message is sent, more than 10 million applicants will be offered within several hours. What does this mean?

In the past, hurblent started the opportunity of machine reasoning.

System, advocating mathematical mechanization; Exploring "intelligence" in soft big data and launching a "small ice" Machine

Man, less than a hundred years old. Today, science and technology are advancing by leaps and bounds

Strange, incredible.

Remember, in the autumn of 1980, to prepare for the "China AI Society (CAAA )",

Li Taihang, an engineer from the overseas computing Institute, visited Mr. Wu Wenjun and asked him to "go out of the mountains". Wu

The gentleman said to us: machines are mechanical, and there is no "artificial intelligence" you say ".

We are disappointing.

For this Microsoft "Xiao Bing" self-owned examiner incident, we cannot look down on it as a chat.

Daily Topic. We should think that the storm of artificial intelligence (AI) is coming soon.

Now, we must be prepared.

Note: the application prospects of Microsoft's "xiaoice" Model in education work cannot be estimated.


Yuan Meng, September

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