Millet 5 renamed Millet 4 Plus is it true? Millet is also a follower of the iphone

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Millet products Users still envy others have Plus and their own do not? Do not worry, in fact, millet early in the Rice 1 era has been put forward the concept of "Plus".
Recently posted a user @ Ducati in hand when the Millet 1 found, millet 1 mobile phone's battery compartment impressively printed on the "Mi-one Plus", but this cell phone is in fact the introduction of millet in 2011, the Unicom version of M1, the official model called Millet Mi-one Plus.
Although the recent news about Millet 5 has been in the biography, and even suspected millet 5 of the front plate spy exposure, but perhaps the next generation of millet products will not necessarily be called Millet 5. And so soon the introduction of Millet 5, the Millet 4 position will be slightly embarrassed. According to the past product naming and competition strategy, Millet introduced a millet 4 plus pour is not possible.

Millet 5 renamed Millet 4 plus the odds will be very large, millet users now have to do is to wait patiently.

 iphone6 Plus and millet 4 which is good ? A lot of net friends for Millet 4 and Apple 6 PLU difference is not very clear, the following unified small set for everyone to introduce this two models of related configuration parameters, do not understand a look at it!

Millet 4:

Millet 4 uses a top-level configuration. Equipped with Gaotong 8,014 nuclear processor, the frequency of 2.5GHz. 3GB RAM runs memory, 16/64GB storage space. Equipped with 5-inch 1080P resolution Sharp and JDI screen, using ogs full fitting process. 8 million front + 13 million rear Sony stack type camera. Millet deliberately mentioned its 3080mAh high-capacity battery, and the use of 2 kinds of fast charging standards, the fastest can be filled within 2.5 hours. Millet 4 will be launched in July unicom version, August push the telecom version, September push mobile 4G version, and guarantee the supply of 1 million units within two months. 16GB Price is still 1999 yuan, 64B price 2499 yuan.
Iphone6 Plus introduces:
IPhone6 Plus has a screen size of 5.5 inches and has reached the level of the current large screen Android smartphone, with IPhone6 Plus's screen resolution of 1920x1080 and pixel density of 401ppi. In addition to the larger screen size, IPhone6 Plus has become thinner, the cell phone still uses anodized aluminum fuselage, the fuselage thickness of only 7.1mm. The
IPhone6 Plus uses a 8 million megapixel camera to support ois Optical image stabilization technology, allowing you to take pictures with a higher rate and clearer picture. A single pixel size reaches 1.5 microns, 2.2 aperture. While the pixels have not changed, the increased camera technology has made the phone still perform well on camera. The focus speed of the mobile phone increases by one times, and has the better noise reduction ability. A new generation of gyroscopes makes it better for mobile phones to take panoramic photos.
IPhone6 plus supports 60-frame/s 1080P video capture, slow-speed cameras can lift 240 frames/V, and slow effects are much higher than before. The
IPhone6 Plus is equipped with a more robust 64-bit desktop computer-level Architecture A8 processing chip. At the same time, as enhanced gaming, video and other effects, performance, the new iphone joined the M8 motion coprocessor. From this conference, we learned that the next generation of A8 processors and M8 processors are much higher than the previous A7 chips.
iPhone6 Plus 16GB Hong Kong version price of HK $6388, about 5100 yuan, 64GB version price 7188 Hong Kong dollars, about 5700 RMB Yuan 128GB version price of 8088 Hong Kong dollars, about 6450 yuan, the overall price is not unacceptable.

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