Mindjet MindManager Mind Mapping software-use mind map to track call flow and draw software framework

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Mind map, which is said to be a necessary software for every product manager. If you are reading large source code, it is very convenient to draw the software framework by using mind map to track the calling process.

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MindManager Beginner's Introductory tutorial

MindManager is a mind mapping software that creates, manages, and communicates ideas, with a visually clear visual interface and powerful capabilities to quickly capture, organize, and share ideas, thoughts, resources, and project processes. MindManager Beginner's Introductory tutorial is designed for novice users, and includes a basic primer on creating mind maps to get users up and working quickly.

MindManager Mind Map is mainly composed of central theme, theme, sub-theme, note theme, floating theme, relationship line and other modules, through which the map module can quickly create the mind map you need, the following steps teach you how to create mind map using MindManager:

The first step is to open the MindManager software , the software will automatically create a map project, the center of the map theme is central Topic, click on the topic directly enter the name you want to create the mind map.

Alternatively, you can choose a new option, create a new blank map, or make a map from an existing map or a preset template.

The second step is to add a theme. Press ENTER to quickly add a theme, or you can double-click the screen or add a theme by using the Quick Access Toolbar theme icon in the upper left corner, or you can right-click the Center topic, clicking Insert . Similarly, you can enter content by clicking a topic.

If you want to add the next level of content under the topic, you can create a sub-theme, click the Quick Access Toolbar in the upper-left corner of the software, and the new sub-theme icon, or you can use the shortcut CTRL + ENTER key.

Note: If you do not need a theme, you can select the theme and press the DELETE key.

The third step is to add the topic information . You can add hyperlinks, attachments, notes, pictures, labels, reminders, and specific task information to a topic by inserting the theme element tool, including the menu.

You can also help you find the information you need by right-clicking the theme and selecting the theme element you want to add to your mind map.

The fourth step is to add a visual relationship to the topic information . You can add special tags to topics to encode and categorize topics, use arrows to show relationships between topics, use the dividing line feature to surround topic groups, or use image descriptions to map objects or markers by using the menu to insert a Map object or tag .

You can also associate topics by right-clicking a theme, selecting the icon object you want, and so on.

The fifth step is to adjust the mapping format. By clicking on the menu format , you can use styles , formatting , and fonts to adjust the format of the entire map, either as a whole style or as a separate theme.

The sixth step is finalized . Final confirmation of the spelling of the map content, check links in the map and edit the map properties, and save the map.

The seventh step is to use mind mapping. You can send the finalized map as the original format or the Mindjet Viewer file format to other members of the project, department, or company, or you can show, print, or export the map in another format, or create a set of pages.

With the MindManager Getting Started tutorial above, any novice user can get started quickly and create an intuitive and complete mind map, and if you need other MindManager Quick start or specific usage tips, you can go to the MindManager Service Center page to find the tutorials you need.

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Mindjet MindManager Mind Mapping software-use mind map to track call flow and draw software framework

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