MMOPRG Service-Side architecture design

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The early service-side architecture was the CLIENT-->GAMESERVER-->DB model, where all the business and data were processed together on the Gameserver, causing the server to be under a lot of pressure, a bug that could cause the server to crash all the way, causing the player to churn. There is also when the service, all players piled up in a server, a lot of scene messages and broadcast wind explosion caused the server card. Mid-term then by improving the increase of gameserver, to achieve the sub-line to alleviate the server pressure, the disadvantage is the operation to the later stage, with each line of players reduced, interaction greatly reduced. Later, the server was divided by map, which greatly eased the server's business and data pressure. Now the mainstream server architecture is as follows, the main increase in the gateway server.

Gateway Server Benefits:

(1) As a transit station for network communication, is responsible for maintaining the intranet and external network isolation, so that the external can not directly access internal servers, to ensure the security of intranet servers, to a certain extent, less plug-in attacks.

(2) The Gateway server is responsible for parsing packets, adding and decrypting, time-out processing and certain logic processing, so that the error packets and illegal packets can be filtered out in advance.

(3) The client program only need to establish a connection with the gateway server to enter the game, no need to establish multiple connections with other game servers, save the client and server programs network resource overhead.

(4) When the player jumps the server, does not need to disconnect with the gateway server connection, the player data in the different game server switch is the intranet switch, the switch work instantaneous question completes, the player almost imperceptible, this guaranteed the game smoothness and the good user experience.


1. Gateway server becomes a communication bottleneck problem under high load condition

2 A problem with a single node failure in the gateway that prevents the entire set of servers from being serviced externally

Solution: Multi-gateway technology. As the name implies, "multi-gateway" is the existence of multiple gateway servers, such as a group of servers can be configured three gateserver. When the load is large, you can increase your gateway's overall traffic by increasing the gateway server, and when one gateway server goes down, it only affects the clients connected to the server, and the other clients are unaffected.

MMOPRG Service-Side architecture design

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