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App Store and Google Play have a plethora of apps. It's hard to say what the future is going to be, but obviously we can easily pick out the 5 trends and analyze them. Today @ 10 Realities Why students simply summed up the current 5 mobile app design trends, to rise posture bar.

Looking at the color, creativity and simplicity of the app, we can learn some tips for designing mobile apps.

  The colors in the app

Admittedly, color is always part of the design. Recently, however, many apps use color as a basis for design, not just embellishment. Color can create an atmosphere that greatly affects the overall experience of the app. When you compare a colorful app with an almost pure white app, you can see it clearly. Often, colors are used to build the character of an app, such as friendliness, fun, or elegance.

Look at Rubie (, Sky (, Rise ( or peek (https:// such an app. The design is filled with gorgeous hues, because color is the most significant part of the design. Rubie and Peek explain that dark designs do not necessarily use black and dark gray. Instead of tying yourself up, try using dark purple or crimson to create an elegant and friendly dark-tone design.

In addition, there are apps like Sky and Rise, which embrace a gradient made up of fresh tones. To see such a strong color in the app design outstanding use, really inspiring. Both look so magnificent. Isn't it? All this is due to the use of color as a major design element.

  Simple simplicity of the UI

It's comforting to think that many apps embrace simple and clear design. All the year round, designers are struggling for cleaner, cleaner designs, especially minimalism, and recent trends have shown it remains so.

In 2012, Google did some research to prove that a simple website could be read more deeply ( In a word, this is a straightforward point. Simple Web sites are easier to digest and understand. Complex sites require visitors to make more cognitive efforts to provide a relatively inferior experience. As a result, the more concise the Web site is, the better. Mobile apps are the same.

Like product hunt or Airbnb. Both provide a neat and clean interface, showing content carefully and appropriately. Product Hunt shows a lot of different content in a list, but scrolling through it is fairly straightforward. There is no barrier to understanding the content. Airbnb is the same, though it provides more information. In any interface, even a list or message interface, the information presented to you will never drown you.

  An elegant and exquisite atmosphere

Interestingly, some apps try to create a delicate and elegant atmosphere through design. This is also not common in the Web site and is significantly rarer in mobile apps. This concept applies to hotels, bars, or restaurants, and they want to create a feeling of intimacy through the app, just like their offline services. You can't say this design is better or worse, but it's always nice to see the app experimenting with atypical designs.

Hotel tonight ( and litely ( are two examples of this type of design. Both have dark designs that show elegance, sophistication and cordial feeling. This is a very different design style, and it is supporting this kind of atypical design of the app. Hotel Tonight offers a much-needed reservation, but it handles the matter in a fashionable fashion. Who says booking a hotel must be done in a dry white and light-colored. In addition, litely makes you busy editing photos, its dark interface is very fashionable.

  App Ideas

Think about it, how many unique or innovative apps have you used? On the whole, none of the apps we use most often are out of style. Perhaps a service or product has been very novel, creative, but after a period of time, we are accustomed to, it is not novel at all, become a common existence. Some brilliant and ingenious apps break out of the ordinary, should be praised, they make a unique app.

It's hard to find that sometimes smartphones are interfering with us. KIMD ( is an incredibly simple app, but it's a clever idea. Julie Chabin, who suffers from a bright screen, such as watching a concert, creates a dim photo-video Shoot app. The idea is so simple, even a bit silly, but it works! The whole modern world is endlessly using smartphones, and it's easy to forget that using smartphones on certain occasions is a very strange move.

Another exciting case is Drawnimal ( This is a children's app that helps them draw and learn the alphabet. Again, this is not the first app to do this, but it's the first one to be so creative. The app extends the learning experience of smartphones, allowing children to use real paper strokes and make smartphones part of the painting experience. It adds a dimension to the app and does not force the use of digital devices to learn. This app is used in a very special way, and that's what makes it innovative.

  Everywhere in the picture

One thing, I'm sure you've noticed, is that all kinds of apps have a wide range of uses for photos. They are used as content and design elements. Digital photos are becoming an incredible part of our lives; it's a really good trend, because it's an elegant thing to get in touch with and use your own photos. Using photos in apps is a powerful tool.

Vsco ( and Steller ( Two app is based on photos, quite stunning. They all try to use your photography skills and inspire you to share. Take Vsco as an example, both photo editing and display/sharing functions. This means you can edit your pictures and upload them to your profile page. This is a strict community dedicated to sharing high-quality photos. Steller allows the user to create a picture story. The length of any, can fill text, video, of course, and photos. This small community has a huge picture story for you to browse, different, such as DIY tutorials and travel notes.

This is the 5 inspirations that mobile apps bring today. What do you think is going to happen in app? Do you think design and app ideas will be more robust or more subversive?

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