Modelsim another way to compile Xilinx device libraries (save time)

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I used to compile the device library with Modelsim for Xilinx, and it was very convenient and simple to compile the device library directly in the ISE, which was a bit of a long time. Since the last time, in their own computer installed mathtype,360 antivirus software will it as a Trojan. I thought it was 360 false positives, and the 360 security guards were shut down directly. Later, the software on the computer one after another, the problem is that a software file is infected. Finally can only be forced to re-install the system, loaded immediately after loading ISE14.7, think Modelsim compile Xilinx device library time too long, not installed, first with ISE14.7 with the simulation tool ISIM. With a few days of Isim, feeling really not good. This is not, today will be loaded modelsim10.2. Also tried another way to compile the Xilinx device library, and found that the method seemed to compile more quickly, and it was not even 20 minutes after compiling it all. Before the direct compilation in the Ise takes about half an hour to one hours, do not know is not the illusion ha. Now, describe the method for compiling the device library.

(1) In the Start menu, locate Xilinx design Tools--->ise design Suite 14.7--->edk--->tools--->compile Simulation Libraries, click , as shown below:

(2) because the computer is installed on the Modelsim is the SE version, so select Modelsim SE in the selection emulator, in addition, select the path of the Modelsim execution file below, the other parameters default, click Next, as follows:

(3) In the Hardware description language, since I have only studied Verilog HDL and only used Verilog HDL for design and simulation, select the Verilog,next when choosing a hardware description Language for simulation, as shown below:

(4) This step is to choose the device library to be compiled, you can choose according to your own needs, here is all selected, Next, as follows:

(5) For function simulation and timing simulation Select the library, here to choose all the optional, the other two empty tube, direct next, as follows:

(6) Select the path for the generated device library, here in the Modelsim installation directory to create a new Xilinx_lib folder, and in the following path point to this folder, the subsequent compilation of the device library is placed here; other parameters default; direct Launch Compile The process starts the compilation of the library as follows:

(7) The library is being compiled as follows ... Counting the time, it took a total of 16 minutes from the start of compiling to compiling, and much faster than directly compiling the library directly in the ISE (My computer was i3 and bought for four years).

(8) After the device library is compiled, the following summary information is given, which shows which library compilation has errors and warnings. Although there are 2 errors in the compilation of the EDK library, it does not matter, direct next, and then finish.

(9) But after opening the Modelsim software, it does not recognize the newly compiled device library as follows:

(10) In order to enable Modelsim to identify the device library, but also to do a bit of processing. Locate the Modelsim.ini file that holds the device library path and open it, and copy the contents of the 48 rows of ~260 rows to the Clipboard, as follows:

(11) Then find the Modelsim installation directory of its own Modelsim.ini file, and remove its read-only properties (select Modelsim.ini file, right-click, properties), and then open the file, the Clipboard contents copied to the file, and then close the file and its read-only properties on the hook, as follows:

(12) Now reopen the Modelsim software and discover that the device library has been identified as follows:

At this point, the task has been completed!!!

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Modelsim another way to compile Xilinx device libraries (save time)

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