Moderate optimism and pessimism are very necessary--listening to the recent thinking of logical thoughts

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These two days on the subway to listen to the closer two sets of logical thinking, respectively, gifts Teacher's "only change to see the future" and Li Shanyou Teacher's "span discontinuity", feeling touched very big, the starting point of the two viewpoints may be inconsistent, the former from their own personal experience, talking about their years of contact with the real case , the real person and the thing, based on the existing changing pattern, so that it is not necessarily wrong to derive their own unknown, on the contrary, the mistake of their own cognition is likely to be the public at the same time the cognition is wrong, then this for investors, this is precisely the business opportunity. And the latter's starting point is based on the above deduction, citing a large number of modern business cases, through the introduction and contrast, the transfer of thinking is also the past to the future continuity is not necessarily, and these discontinuities, is precisely the business opportunities.

So, the core of these two cases is one point: in the current society, we must have a high degree of sensitivity to change, how many today's syndicate, but into the winners of tomorrow's negative case.

Because of this, we should always keep the sense of crisis and the thought of real-time critique and change of traditional thought. For human nature, to seek stability is the nature, but for the youth of the moment of progress, we have to do is continuous progress, progress can be disciplined, but also beware of change, because the change is too fast, it is possible that the traditional thinking is now outdated, if not critical absorption, and have their own precipitation and ideas, Then it is likely to be less than good.

For the cause so, for life is so, in recent days, the very fire of the "baby" incident, can be analyzed from a lot of dimensions, from the moment we discuss the topic, in fact, the baby has always thought that love can last forever, but in a very early time has been all over the crack. The change of concept is very important, we do not go after hindsight to struggle with how the baby how miserable, his wife and how to suffer retribution, we should do is derived from this matter, we have to think is, future life must not repeat the mistakes of today's baby. So the future is not known, the mistake of the baby case today, may be the same mistake of our later events, but through the beginning of the way of thinking, before the misfortune, we must be fully prepared for the possibility of misfortune, this is not unfounded, but a surly. Of course, it is also important to note that all things must not be excessive, if you choose to be paranoid because you do not believe, then life is meaningless.

Therefore, I suggest to myself, work, life, or every time to carry out a proper assessment, must not blindly self-confidence or outright rejection, whether moderate optimism or moderate pessimism, are very necessary.

Moderate optimism and pessimism are very necessary--listening to the recent thinking of logical thoughts

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