Modern Software Engineering _ No. 01 Week _ Ji Zitong _ No. 02 Question

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1) When did such software start appearing , and How did these software persuade you (strangers) to become their users ?  are they aiming for profit ? are they aiming to earn cash from users? Or is it something else ?

3) We know that some software is charged, and some are " free " , then why does the software company give you free use of this software? The engineers who write this software, if their wages are not from you (users) here, from where? At present, your local software engineer's salary is about how much, please give as far as possible detailed analysis, accurate to annual income how many million yuan.  

I have contacted the most relevant software for me, it should be the operating system, I do not have the habit of using a certain software, often use a period of time to try to use other similar alternatives.

Recalling the history of the operating system, which was invented in 1985 , was initially just a microsoft-dos System Simulation Environment ( not used ) , using the GUI graphical mode, Microsoft's customer volume rose, I am also one of the introduction of computers in my home, initially just want to use its CD-ROM, on the computer can play VCD Optical discs. (It turns out I've been playing Super Mario and Violent Moto.)

The operating system is the interface between the user and the computer, it provides various functions, especially the humanized GUI interface, at the time of 2001 , was a novelty , and it was natural and easy for them to become their customers.

personally, Microsoft's goal is to profit, the answer is understandable. Until now, Microsoft has launched the operating system is not free, a window7 of the Ultimate version of the CD-ROM also needs RMB. But with the development of the operating system, Microsoft is moving to the operating system for free, instead of profit in the form of value-added services.

I think the operating system itself should not be profitable, the mission of the operating system should be enclosure, occupy the market, increase user volume.

the chairman of Zhou Hongyi once said that the security defender itself is not a money-making software, but in addition to the basic services, value-added services (such as deep anti-virus) will be charged, at the same time Security Defender has a large volume of user base, launched the Browser and other software has become very simple, in the same kind of software has a natural user base, traffic will naturally attract advertising, this is the the real profit model. So the operating system I personally think that it is a platform for the formation of a new ecosystem, it should be 0 threshold or low threshold, using value-added services to achieve profitability.

The salary of software engineer in Guangzhou, I talk from two angles. The first is my own, internship when the salary is , the majority of internship, the surrounding students get the internship pay is 2.5k~4k

The second is the graduation of two years to do software development of the elder sister, the annual salary is basically at ten million.

2) When did you personally use such software for the first time, how old were you, what kind of school you were in, what was the state of the software, what would you expect the software to be in your hands, for example: Mail order, download, copy each other, buy from the App store, etc. (This must be written in detail, otherwise the problem will be 0 points, I want to see how students around the world copy this paragraph ).

The longest use of the time is the Windows series of operating systems. Thanks to the uncle who had a computer repair at home, my first contact with the PC was 2001 , and I was in the second year of primary school. In primary school, there is a dictionary designed for primary schools, and there are matching discs. Originally just to be able to play the study, that's all. The software does not understand, the computer in me, that is, the computer is so simple, I have not been introduced into the programming world. Remember the earliest use of the Windows95 version, and soon replaced a new host, changed to Windows98,. At that time is the brain Pocket monitor, and the home that display is not too, the screen background will occasionally turn yellow, also with the anti-radiation baffle.

4) How did you learn to use the software? What good does it give you, bad?   How does the software handle bugs ?   How do I update a new version ? How many months do you estimate the software team has spent updating a major release? Please write the definition of the month .

the definition of man-month: Human month is the unit of measurement of workload, is calculated by each person per month. is the cumulative amount of work for all participants in the project and is the most convenient data for calculating costs. is a common concept in project management.

operating system is very simple to get started, I have almost no brains, humanized design is very good, the mouse refers to which point, keyboard pinyin input, use is very convenient. He fixes bugs in the form of patches thatare updated by reinstalling the new operating system.

Review the history of the Operating system version: (Below is my personal opinion of the major version)

Windows98~windows XP:3 Year Zero 4 months

Windows xp~windows 7:8 year

Windows 7~windows 8.1:4 years

amount of development work for Windows 7 :

quoted from ""

5) How is the same type of software competing? Do you still use it, or are different brands of similar software, why?

the same type of software, currently I think is Ubuntu can compete with Windows Market, in the daily Office, I think ubuntu is and Windows It 's no different. and IT people usually prefer Ubuntu ( I use two, but I still feel the Windows Desktop app is flawless.) ).

6)5 years later, this software running hardware will change, the software will still exist in 5 years, why?

The memory of the hardware is increasing and becoming cheap, The CPU is moving toward more threads, faster and more energy-efficient, and I think it will be there in 5 years. I think one of the biggest reasons for a software existence is the amount of users that are accumulating. As long as there are users, there will be potential profit margins. This is also in recent years in the Internet + Catering, Internet + Taxis and other Internet + strategies continue to heat up, burning money enclosure behind the important reasons.

7) List the "special" phenomena you observed when using the software above , and how are they different from the hardware ? Does this illustrate some of the essential features of software ?

I want to give an example of a virtual machine to illustrate the virtual nature of the software.

a physical machine can run multiple virtual machines, virtual operating system can have multiple, only run on a machine, these and we think in the traditional sense of "one is one, two is two" is not the same phenomenon. Software can be on the hardware to make a variety of virtual and various transformations, physical machines are real, and software is not touched, and the world of software is more unfathomable.

Modern Software Engineering _ No. 01 Week _ Ji Zitong _ No. 02 Question

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