More than 100 examples of commonly used jQuery plug-ins are provided and downloaded.

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More than 100 examples of commonly used jQuery plug-ins are provided and downloaded.
JQuery form plugin

  • JQuery cxCalendar date Selector
  • JQuery cxColor color selector
  • JQuery cxSelect linkage drop-down menu
  • JQuery Validation Engine Form Verification
  • JQuery soColorPacker web page color picker
  • JQuery AutoComplete auto-completion
  • JQuery uploadify File Upload
  • JQuery FileUpload File Upload
  • JQuery LayDate date Control
  • JQuery ClockPicker circular clock
  • JQuery Ion. Calendar date/Calendar
  • JQuery DateTimePicker date Control
  • JQuery datedropper personalized date Control
  • JQuery Raty star rating
  • JQuery completer Automatic Input prompt
  • JQuery progression form progress
  • JQuery Drop-Down custom Drop-Down box
  • EmojiPicker. js emoticon plug-in
  • BootstrapValidator Verification Form
  • JQuery DateTimePicker new date Control
JQuery image plugin
  • JQuery Lightbox
  • JQuery LazyLoad image loading Delay
  • JQuery Jcrop image Cropping
  • JQuery cxScroll intermittent seamless Rolling
  • JQuery cxSlide focus chart Rotation
  • JQuery kxbdMarquee seamless scrolling
  • JQuery Wookmark Load waterfall stream Layout
  • JQuery corner plug-in
  • JQuery soChange slides
  • Comparison of jQuery coveringBad results
  • Ideal-image-slider slides
  • JQuery jCarousel
  • JQuery Flipping Gallery flip Gallery
  • JQuery waterbubble
  • JQuery pgwslideshow space album
  • JQuery eislideshow image carousel
  • PFold. js folding paper
  • Croppic. js image capturing
  • JQuery Devrama Slider slides
  • JQuery Flickerplate slides
  • ResponsiveSlides. js slides
  • JQuery owlcarousel carousel
  • JQuery ShearPhoto image capturing
  • JQuery slick carousel
  • JQuery fsBanner accordion
  • JQuery flickity sliding Touch Screen
  • JQuery orbit slides
  • JQuery siteslider animated slides
  • JQuery iPresenter 3D image rotation
  • Comparison of jQuery twentytwenty results
  • Viewer. js image album
  • CssSlidy. js responsive mobile phone image carousel
  • Jquery. nanogallery. js image gallery
  • JQuery slidizle slides
  • JQuery jquery. windy Quick Content browsing
  • JQuery als. js
  • JQuery anoSlide focus image carousel
  • BaguetteBox. js image pop-up layer
  • JQuery ck-slide Image carousel
  • JQuery classicAccordion accordion
Common jQuery plug-ins
  • JQuery cxMenu accordion navigation
  • JQuery Portamento slide Positioning
  • JQuery Transit transition effect
  • JQuery cxDate format
  • SWFObject Flash enhancement plug-in
  • Copy ZeroClipboard to clipboard
  • Dewplayer
  • Exif. js reads image metadata
  • QRCode. js generates a QR code
  • Context. js Context menu
  • Intro. js website demo
  • JQuery fullPage. js full screen scrolling
  • JQuery Danmmu Player bullet screen video
  • Textillate. js text Animation
  • Scrollify. js mouse scroll
  • Swiper touch screen sliding
  • JQuery TimeCircles countdown
  • JQuery vticker vertical scroll
  • FullAvatarEditor photo
  • DD Full Screen Slider Full Screen scrolling
  • JQuery flipTimer countdown
  • JScrollPane beautify the scroll bar
  • JQuery Sidebar
  • JQuery Tocify navigation
  • Blueprint. js slide and push menu
  • Bootstrap three-level drop-down menu on the left
  • Treeview bootstrap multi-level drop-down tree
  • JQuery BreakingNews intermittent scrolling
  • JQuery cbpContentSlider slide Switching
  • CirclesProgress round progress loading percentage
  • JQuery Filterizr Filtering
JQuery pop-up window plug-in
  • JQuery cxDialog dialog box
  • ZDialog can be dragged to the pop-up layer
  • Jquery. sobox classic pop-up control
  • JQuery artDialog classic dialog box
  • JQuery Layer
  • JQuery Layer mobile pop-up Layer
  • JQuery boxy pop-up layer
  • Bootstrap CustomBox bullet Layer
  • Toastr custom prompt
  • SweetAlert. js pop-up layer
Webpage Special Effects
  • JQuery Special Effects
  • HTML5 + CSS3
  • PHP + jQuery

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