Mount:RPC:Unable to receive; errno = Connection refused

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Mount:RPC:Unable to receive; errno = Connection refused
Linux mount, appear mount:RPC:Unable to receive; errno = Connection refused

What's depressing is that it used to be good. How does this turn on the use to have this kind of problem to appear? Online Search a lot of information, and then after the investigation, found that the original MAC address conflict. It was so surprising to me. MAC address Conflict He unexpectedly is good time bad, but not always have this mistake, let me easy to find, depressed ah.

It turns out that the IP address or MAC address causes the above error. IP address conflicts, it should be easy to find. But MAC address conflicts, generally do not notice, so it is difficult to find. Most importantly, the IP or MAC address conflicts sometimes can be mount successfully. This increases the difficulty of discovery.

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