Mourning Benoit Mandelbrot

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The world has lost a remarkable brain.

Many people know him and know that his main contribution is fractal geometry, but it does not understand its importance--not just for the kaleidoscope, but for what it is worth.

In fact, the discovery of Mandelbrot may have the general meaning of relativity.

A large class of natural phenomena follows the Gaussian distribution, which is usually known as the normal distribution, that bell-shaped curve.

The fractal geometry of Mandelbrot may explain some other natural phenomena, and more importantly, the laws of motion of human social phenomena, including economic operation, social condition, financial market and so on.

The social activities of human beings are simply repeating themselves in different degrees of roughness.

It was a genius observation, and he opened a path that might change the way of the future of mankind.

Mandelbrot, a math professor's uncle, was disappointed that he had not been adept at solving mathematical problems from an early age. However, he opened up a new field, and those skilled in the problem-solving craftsmen, can only be in this way an inch and an inch forward.

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