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Mr. Yuan kejia died in New York on 8th day of this month.

Mr. Yuan was a member of the 9-Leaf Poetry School dominated by college students in the Western Union in the 1940s S. He also had well-known figures such as Chen jingrong, Zheng Min, and Mu Dan. It was just now known that the name Jiuye was taken after several people had been together in 1980s (many people were not familiar with it before.

Of course, for me and many people of the same age, I know and remember that Mr. Yuan is still because he and Dong hengyi and Zheng Kru co-edited the foreign modern works. The only thing we have is the perceptual knowledge of modern foreign literature and writers. What kind of symbolic, expressive, futuristic, absurd, stream of consciousness, collapse, and new novels are probably from there. I remember that I have also excerpted many of these poems, and I have liked some of them since now ......

In retrospect, this kind of window opening and guiding work is very meaningful.

The 9ye generation is also called the lost generation. It was the time when they were under bad luck. Sitting alone late at night, with grief.

Relatives or sorrows, and others are singing. He died, and he said, "let alone the mountains.

If he is a poet, read his poems. His name should be "Shen Zhong". But I chose the following one. Yes, there was such a poem 60 years ago and it could reflect the reality.


No matter how many people predict its sinking,
Say it gets down a few inches every year,
New buildings are still stretched out like magic,
Capture sunlight and water from the ground

But the magic shadow. Greedy at high altitude;
A desperate war rang the bell,
The number in the display window is like a series of Disordered nerves,
On the walking ground, there are hunger and vacuum eyes.

The problem is everywhere. Days can be lighter,
From the office room to the bar room, lay a single track cable,
It takes ten hours for people to make money, and ten hours for them to get online.

Gentlemen walked into the office with a big belly,
On the face of the hacker, the typo in red,
Cover your face with a piece of report: rumors about waiting for Nanjing.

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