Mouse accuracy or movement speed is not what you want to do

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People who play the game believe that the flexibility and accuracy of the mouse have their own requirements, and sometimes feel the mouse is not too symbolic of their own requirements, or go to the Internet bar for the Internet bar of the mouse is not used. This is because the performance of the mouse itself is not good, no way to adjust the image of your original.


In general, the method of adjusting the mouse:

Open the Control Panel, find the mouse in the Control Panel, and then you can adjust it.


The two most important indicators of the mouse: dpi and refresh rate. DPI is generally 400-800 between, we can not modify, but the refresh time we are able to modify.

The first step: first find the system is located in the partition of the Windowssystem32drivers Usbport.sys this file, and then copy to any directory backup, in order to avoid problems can be restored.

Tip: Overclocking method is only valid for USB interface mouse

Second step: Right click on the Usbport.sys, select Properties, select Security-Advanced, in the "owner" setting, click Edit to change this file authorization to administrator, and then in the "Permissions" settings, click "Change Permissions", check to include the parent of the object can inherit the permissions ", The administrator is then given Full Control permissions.

Step three: Right click on the Usbport.sys, select Open mode for use UltraEdit open, click "Search", find "3C C6 83" This string, and then change the string to "B0" 8A ", Modified, Overwrite the original Usbport.sys file with the modified file and restart the computer.

Fourth step: Run the Mouserate software again, you can see the refresh rate has become about 360HZ, and then finish the game, is not feeling the mouse more flexible?

The above is about the mouse accuracy or movement speed is not what you want to do. This method for some of the more rotten mouse is very easy to use, and finally like to you also useful.

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