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A few nonsense first

What should I say about this game? I like it very much when I see it in the bar and I like it very much at first glance. After playing it, I feel like: the plot is well arranged, and the music is excellent. The only weakness should be that cast of some figures is not very good. I should say, why do Chinese people want Japanese voice optimization?

Compared with pm4, I prefer to provide things. After all, Chinese people must support things.

Now that we want to go to the harem, it is a tough road. We will play with the determination to die ...... I think this spirit should be put in

Suitable for study
First, the version should be at least 1.1. My version is 1.21, which includes an eternal gift. The simplified version already includes an eternal gift. However, CG, such as swimsuit, has changed to a normal clothing version. Alas, it is now in harmony .....

Traditional edition patch see Official Website:

The so-called harem ending is the ending of getting married to five heroines. The true reunion ending includes almost all events.
There are a lot of online details, but there are also a lot of problems, I will make up for the problem

I have read the archive. I don't need to play all the five leading actress endings. I can attack the finale directly.

The city gate mentioned in the strategy seems to be a city wall. I don't know whether the simplified version is a problem or not.
Therefore, the date format of this article is May 1, 884 or 884/5/1.
886/3-4 indicates the period from March to April, because it seems to be random.

The square was stolen by Aibi in May 1, 884.
(The original strategy was 6/1)
Chelia with long hair (August 01, 884) (long hair, time seems to be random)
* It looks nice. Emotion + 5, emotion + 3
* No, it's nice to see short hair. Human nature + 4. Morality + 3
(Incorrect original strategy)
Chenglong District
Little dunma said Gina's intelligence

(Incorrect original strategy)
Chenglong District
A confrontation between Gina and dunma
Select "Little Duma, it's not right to lie" (Morality + 6) Note: You must have heard of little Duma's intelligence in the city before.

The Duma event must be completed. It is essential to attack somina! (Note: The time seems to be random, so you don't need to wait for the S/L from day to night)
(September 1, 884 barber shop) Lu Yiqing newspaper of little Douma
(August 1, 885 barber shop 2) Small Duma scissors (CG)
(August 16, 885 city wall 2) Gina intelligence of little Duma
(Street 3, May July 1, 885 or may September 1) a conflict between John and the soldiers
(Random barber shop) What kind of intelligence is there? It's scientific. It's best to trigger the attack on suo Mina. The time seems to be random, 885 or 886.

All possible
886 square 9/16-luyi, which had to trigger a conflict with soldiers in the sub-district of little Duma
886 church Fi tells little Duma the truth about the spread of Gena rumors

Note: The following * events must be completed by Suo Mina
* 886/04/01
Trigger the theme of little dumale
* The Duma event must be completed !! If the event of the Duma event is missing, the bathhouse-little Duma-luyi meeting must appear. Otherwise, the princess

Still married to Duke
* 886/06/16 damage to the marriage, 886/07/01 The Palace is basically OK

886 when I was playing:/8/1 (the original strategy was 9/1)
HiLo met luyi
The most important option is the second option. Only you know me.


To play harem

1. I need to solve the goddess event (the goddess recognizes her as a daughter). I am playing a little different:
(The full value is about 200 ):
(I saw the poet in the square in July 1, 885. I played a competition and the judge of the poet.
(886/9/1) meet again at the city wall and receive gold wool
(887/5/1) when she meets the city wall three times, she will recognize chelia as a dry daughter and send a mirror of wisdom (her mood will never decrease) her favorite characters will have the opportunity to become

2. You must first understand the 5th steps of the main plot (a certain attribute is required to trigger the plot). In particular, you need to pay attention to the Goddess's daughter recognition event and

The main line outcome is conflicting and cannot be triggered at the same time.

※The wisdom mirror provided by the goddess event is also very helpful to hedge against high values... it should be solved earlier. Please note that the ghost event is not only about date, but also about time.

(Twice in winter and three in other seasons)
PS: goddess event, in fact, does not need to be dragged to 3rd years, of course, 3rd years will certainly trigger... as long as the attribute is over 200, you can find the goddess in the city gate SL Dafa ....
Tip: When the attribute is 200, go to the city gate three times in a row. If the goddess plot is not triggered, read "automatic archiving" and then three times. It still does not appear. Please

Read another file and go to another place. Repeat this SL behavior in the next round. This will trigger the story of "mirror of goddess" in advance... the infinite passion is good ....
3. Outcome condition: feelings 700 (?) 300 lucky 200 fame (?) Title: traveler
* Be sure to have a travelogue title (10 trips, equivalent to 2.5 years). Feeling 700 is the lowest value that is known to play HiLo (however

The problem is not big. When the title of "traveler" is obtained, it is estimated that it will be almost the same. For the ball... if you have no money, you can grab it... joke ...)

4. Special choice of the main line in the ending process ....
Street- (automatic plot)
Will tell you the question about xiaoya... (later)
Street-black magician
This item belongs to chelia, so it is up to you to decide.
Chilia, the dark wizards are hated by people and have no credibility at all. V
Maybe he is still nearby. Just wait. V
Maybe he gave up. Let's keep the gems.
Similarly, if the gem is retained, it will enter the main line. Although it will not lead to the failure of xiaoya sentiment line, but it is not the main line of the strategy, it is not necessary to protect

Keep the gem ....
Five leading men need to complete the main events of five female marriages...
6. The relationship between the protagonists should reach 80, and most of the free plots should be triggered. It is best not to miss the drama between Xiao Qi and the four protagonists.

7. If the event is not triggered
The reason must be the parameter.
Aibi is the simplest, and it is good to run by event, but the last bathhouse event is easily ignored.

Solmina started after the Duke event, and before that, as long as the charm was enough, it would trigger the Queen's invitation to Princess Chilia as a friend. At Duke

After the incident is resolved, the princess will go to Wangcheng to see the princess once every 16 days from January 1, April 16, and finally trigger the feeling of the five-person bath event and the princess will become 81.

Fei and Gena are the most troublesome, because both of them have to look at the parameters.
In the early stages, the Philippines needed morality and intelligence in the later stages (after 886 ).
Gerina is always an endurance.
Related courses must also go to Level 2
Therefore, we recommend that you rush for endurance in the first quarter.
Then rush to morality
As long as both sides reach 150 or more in the early stage, no problem will occur.
You don't need to touch the two parameters together with the smart traffic above 300 in the future (unless you want to see the related career ending)

1. If a tourist home is stolen, the event will take place if the funds exceed 30 thousand. The robbery event will automatically take place before the final conclusion.

2 game background (first volatility event 886/8/1 church-Phee win)

You have a girl.

He was a lover of Xiaoqi before 1000. He was very handsome. Unfortunately, he finally died.

He was the prince of a country before 1000, and he fell in love with chiya, but his father

In order to get her to forcibly lock her up, she made an agreement to save her cloth and the immortal witch,

In exchange for power and eternal spring of life, you can never take off your mask. However

Because she was locked up, so he killed all the people, for the first time fluctuating, including

His father only gave the half bottle of spring water to her.

After March 1000, chiya was resurrected, but she forgot everything. Then Bu came to her and told her

She only saw her again in 1000 and heard her call her name. Finally, chelia

He wants to see his face. Then, after taking off the mask, he turns into a ray of light.

In the end, Xiao Qi saved the dead HiLo on the battlefield, starting with the man, the most

Great reunion

Ah, it is the biggest handsome guy in the game, but it is also the most sad ending. Millennial sins and

Waiting in despair is only for a moment (no patch, it will die !). At first, I thought that Prince bras was

A face-recognition man is a cold prince with a dark belly. I didn't expect the fact to be quite different.

Gentle and kind people, until the moment before death, know their ending but only worried about their own

It will scare chelia. In fact, bu committed the first wave of the storm

The spring water of a half-bottle of eternal life witch was handed over to chelia, which was shut up by the King. For her, he even

She gave up her natural and unrestrained appearance, just for her rebirth.

3 eternal gift Introduction

Yes. All 1.1x patches are included in the expansion kit. Currently, only the traditional version is available.

Added content:


Summer Server/bonus consumed: 300/condition: None
North Sea forest installation/consumption bonus: 400/condition: None
Reinstall/consume bonus: 600/condition: None
Flowers/bonus consumed: 600/condition: completed before customs clearance [189]
Black flowers/bonus consumed: 1000/condition: completed before customs clearance [191] and purchased
Pandatv installation/consumption bonus: 800/condition: completed before customs clearance [190]
Pajamas/bonus consumed: 300/condition: completed before customs clearance [355]
Summer swimsuit/bonus consumed: 400/appearance condition: None |
Women's tragedy/bonus consumed: 400/condition: completed before customs clearance [street cleaners]
Crew installation/consumption bonus: 400/condition: the final result is [pirate leader]
New attendance server/bonus consumed: 400/condition: the final result is [Hotel Boss]
Healthy vest assembly/consumption bonus: 600/appearance condition: None
Prisoner servers/bonus consumed: 300/condition of appearance: Final Result: [Prisoner]
Thieves install/consume bonus: 300/condition: the final result is [Rogue Leader]
Low-chest leather/bonus consumed: 1000/condition: Final: [witch]
Hairstyle (including hairstyle of version 1.10)

Small curly hair/bonus200 consumed
Rabbit ears/bonus400 consumed
Tom/bonus250 consumed
Long and double braid/bonus300 consumed
Mushroom trend/bonus200 consumed
Sunshine style/bonus250 consumed
National trend/consumption bonus250
Subscribed/bonus300 consumed
Sponge style/bonus300 consumed
Phalanx/bonus300 consumed
Goat trend/consumption bonus250
Rogue style/bonus200 consumed
Knight style/bonus200 consumed
Baron style/bonus200 consumed
Wuji style/bonus250 consumed
Tenderness trend/consumption bonus400
Indigenous style/bonus400 consumed
Qu Juan dual braid/bonus300 consumed
Princess fashion/bonus500 consumed
Offsite style/bonus500 consumed
Queen's trend/consumption bonus600
Butterfly style/bonus3000 consumed
Mermaid trend/consumption bonus4004
Knight style (Gray)/bonus200 consumed
Tenderness trend (purple)/consumption bonus400
Mermaid trend (silver)/bonus400 consumed
Remote style (black)/bonus500 consumed
Sun Style (purple)/bonus250 consumed
Butterfly blue (yellow)/bonus300 consumed
Event [what kind of gift] [What kind of transaction] ( and Baihua dress events)

Sub-district/smart more than 100/help interpret the human contract
Street/enthusiasm is greater than 200/Why do you drive evil dogs away?
Square/lucky 75/so much lost gemstone (select "maybe still nearby 」)
Street/Thank you
Street/high feelings/gifts (get pandatv clothes)
The square, when there is a high degree of goodwill, when the money is greater than 4500eva, or when there is a transaction (select "Promise" and get the black flower dress)
[When the event is over, you will get the clothing, pandatv, and Baihua costumes .]
(PS. If the event cannot be triggered, run all the events related to the bath Hall .) |

Append event

Event [a little boy from the south] (Baihua foreign server event)
January 1, June 884/city wall/talk to gerina
January 16-8, 885-May/Royal Palace/FAME greater than 160/little boy from South 1
June 885/Royal Palace/little boy from South 2
July 885/Royal Palace/little boy from South 3
April 16-8, 884-July/sub-district/Philippines distribute food to the Tramp
August 885/Royal Palace/little boy from South 4
September 885/Royal Palace/little boy from South 5
October 885/Royal Palace/little boy from South 6
[When the event is over, you will get a floral dress .]
Incident [Wang Cheng Public Security opinion survey]

From January 1, January 886 to January 1, March 886, the fame may be greater than 350. Please follow the steps below for a total of 12 places. + 40,120 0eva can be contributed after completion.

Royal Palace → city wall → square → street → church → street shop → tailor shop → barber shop → bathhouse → pub → female Palace

Added cheats: (it seems that version 1.1 can be used even if it is not a data file !)

On the map screen, press shift and P at the same time to enable the prayer mode (that is, a small box will pop up with two options: Pray and cancel ).
In the box, enter:

Prayer Effect
Mum_pls_give_me_eva: 1000eva
Mum_let_me_share_your_power got 100 miracle
Mum_ I _am_so_tired: eliminate fatigue by 100 points
Mum_ I _feel_boredom is in high spirits
If you use a secret, the number of cheating times may be displayed in the final ending. However, no influence is found on the ending.

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