MS SQL Basics Tutorial: SQL Query Analyzer

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19.3.1 SQL Query Analyzer Introduction

SQL Query Analyzer is a graphical management tool that is used to write, test Transact-SQL statements, and batch processing. System administrators and developers can learn how to improve performance of query execution by executing multiple queries, viewing query results, and analyzing query plans at the same time through SQL query Analyzer. It can be started from SQL Server Enterprise Manager. SQL Query Analyzer provides the following features:

Provides a free-form text editor for writing Transact-SQL statements, and displays Transact-SQL syntax in color code to improve readability of complex statements; object browsing and search tools make it easier to find a database object in a database; A template file that contains the basic statements that create database objects, which improves the speed at which database objects are created using Transact-SQL statements, the debugger that analyzes stored procedures, the result set can be displayed in tabular or text format, and the graphical execution plan shows the execution of Transact-SQL Each of the logical steps. 19.3.2 Configuration SQL Query Analyzer

Before you use SQL query Analyzer, you first configure its query options. Because these options directly determine the display information of the query, the query results, and the display format and content of the SQL statement execution plan. There are two main ways to configure SQL Query Analyzer: one is through SQL Query Analyzer and the other is implemented through the SET command. Here we only introduce the former method.

Start SQL Query Analyzer First, and then select the current Connection Properties menu item under the toolbar's Query menu. Open the current Connection Properties dialog box, as shown in Figure 19-7.

The meaning of each of these options is: Set nocount

Indicates that the row count information that is affected by the query statement is not included in the return information. Set noexec

Indicates that the statement is compiled but not executed. Set parseonly

Represents parsing but does not compile or execute statements. Set Concat_null_yields_null

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