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Many users often see MSDN, OEM, and RTM versions when downloading Windows systems on forums or websites. What do they mean?

Here we will help you solve the problem.

(1) MSDN (microsoftbench Network)

This is a version of Microsoft for software developers. MSDN covers all the platforms and applications that can be developed and expanded. Therefore, Microsoft's Encyclopedia Encarta or various games are not included in MSDN, because these products are directly oriented to end users, there is no need for program development.

(2) OEM (originalequipmentmanufacturer)

It can only be shipped by random devices and cannot be sold. Therefore, it is called a random version. It can only be completely installed and cannot be upgraded from the old operating system. If you buy a laptop or brand computer, you will have a random version of the software. The packaging is not as elegant as the retail version. Generally, there is only one cd and one instruction (authorization letter ). This type of system usually has fewer drivers, and the current oem version is rarely installed on the CD, either restoring the disk or the hard disk image.

(3) RTM (release. to. manufacturing)

It takes some time to compress, package, and distribute the program code before it is officially launched in a retail store. The program code is called final. code, after the program code is developed, the master chip must be sent to the factory for a large number of flags. This version is called the rtm version. The program code of the rtm version is the same as that of the official version. But it is different from the official version. For example, if the oem in the official version cannot be upgraded and the upgraded version needs to be completely installed, the old operating system disk will be checked. These are the differences between the rtm and the official version, but their main program code is the same. Strictly speaking, this version still belongs to the fpp retail version and needs to be activated.


To popularize this, the Win7 era is like this:

Pro VL is a single version. WMC cannot be upgraded. Batch authorization keys, retail keys, and KMS activation are available.
Pro is a two-in-one version, including Pro and Core versions. By default, Pro is installed (versions can be selected after EI. CFG is deleted), and keys, retail keys, and KMS can be activated in batches.
Therefore, Pro backup activation is applicable to Pro VL and Pro can be activated, regardless of language or version (x86 or x64)

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