Mtlbase: setsubtexmap (int I, bmaptex) 3DS MAX plug-in development is really not easy

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After two weeks of Development of the 3DS MAX plug-in, the first contact, dizzy, the interface itself needs to be constantly checked, and the English level is limited, even if the teacher gives a lot of encouragement, but there is still a sense of difficulty. After reading the help document for a few days, I found a Chinese Textbook (a relatively early book using the Windows 98 operating system) and wrote a small item in combination with the Code provided by the SDK, however, the texture cannot be pasted. In a hurry, I found out one idea yesterday: the texture can only be effective if it is pasted on the basis of the material, that is, the texture object should be used in the material object, apply the material object to the model. This idea is very important, because the texture pasters of OpenGL do not require material and they are separated. Therefore, this misunderstanding wastes a lot of time and may take a day or two. I worked overtime last night and found related classes and methods according to my ideas. At that time, I used MTL: setactivetexmap (mtlbase
* Txm), the result is not displayed. On Saturday, I did not dare to sleep late. I went on to work overtime. I did not find the result on the Internet. I checked the document and explained the code for exporting model information on the Internet, I didn't talk about how to add texture maps, but how to use MAX software ....

... No way, it's time to get a clue. During this period, I plan to find the object mesh and study it based on the texture and surface. Check the class library carefully. I don't know whether to give up or not, when I was depressed, I gave a new look at the document, the first chapter of material and texture, which contains the mtlbase: setsubtexmap (int I, bmaptex) function, I 've seen this before, but it's strange that I didn't see this method in the class library and gave up. But today I have a good look. It's not in the mtlbase's public function, but in his parent class, in the list of all member link, we can see that the things are killed .... Who will find them one by one?

In summary, I have no tips for secondary development, and I don't know whether it's a mess in the 3DS MAX class library or whether I don't have a system that runs through it. In short, I feel that it is very hard and I am mistaken, in the help document, we have talked about texture maps, most of which are exported information, rather than how to add them. Here we specifically declare that this information is hard to be found online, in turn, we will share with you some references.

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