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If the fastest speed to download the content of the network is our pursuit, but China's relatively expensive bandwidth, to upgrade often have to pay a lot of silver. In fact, with the help of multiple dial-up and old computer, we can completely let the speed of the Thunderbolt doubled.

First, confirm the opening of multiple dialing

To use this method for Thunder download acceleration, be sure to open multiple dialing function. In general, as long as you buy the appropriate package service, most areas now allow double dialing or even multiple dialing. If you pay the annual fee, you can save a lot of money, it's a bargain.

Second, the preparation of an old computer

Now the old computer is many, use it as another download machine, is absolutely good choice.

Third, turn off router dialing and DHCP features

Next, both computers are connected to all LAN ports on the switch or home router. If dialing is set up in your router, disable it, and cancel the DHCP feature. Then the new computer card IP address set to, the old computer network card IP address set to

Iv. Setting up Raspppoe dialing

Set up Raspppoe dialing on both computers, so that it can enjoy the connection individually: Open Control Panel, double-click the Network Connection icon, and then, in the Network Connections window that pops up, click Create a new connection on the left, and then go to the New Connection Wizard window and click Next. In Network connection type, check the first "connect to the Internet" button, click Next, and in the next window we'll check the second item "Set my connection manually" and click Next. Pay special attention to the next item, "How do I connect to the Internet"? To check "Connect with a broadband connection that requires a username and password", verify that the Next button is correct, and then enter the username and password provided by the Telecommunications Department in the Internet Account Information window. Click the Next button when you are finished entering. When you go to the "formally complete the New Connection Wizard" window, all the settings are complete and click the Finish button. In the Next Connection window, select the Save user name and password for users check box, select the anyone who uses this computer radio button, click the Connect button, and confirm that the dial-up is successful and can be connected to the Internet (Figure 1).

▲ Figure 1 Save the username and password.

Next, double-click the connection, and then click the Disconnect button to disconnect it. Then right-click it, select Properties, click Options tab, Cancel "Show connection progress on connection" and "Prompt for name, password, and certificate" check box, then change "replay count" to maximum 99 times, then select "Redial Interval" The Drop-down menu changes to 1 seconds, and the Last check box is checked, the rest of the options remain the default setting, and click OK (Figure 2).

▲ Figure 2 Setting parameters such as redial

V. Let the old computer support remote control

Log on to the old computer first as an administrator or as a member of the Administrators group. Then, right click on the desktop My Computer icon, select Properties, and click the Remote tab. Check the "Allow users to connect remotely to this computer" box under Remote Desktop. Next, click Select Remote User, and then select the appropriate user in the open window (Figure 3).

▲ Figure 3 Setting up remote control

Six, the allocation of download task speed doubled

Next, we just run the new computer on the Thunderbolt, and open the BT seed, when downloading the TV show, you can download the first half. Like a TV series 20 episodes, just download the first 10 episodes (Figure 4).

▲ Figure 4 Download the first 10 episodes of TV series

Next, select "Start" → "All Programs" → "Attachments" → "Communication" → "Remote Desktop Connection" on the new computer, then enter the IP address of the accused computer ( in this case), click "Connect" to log in to the remote computer (Figure 5). The Remote Desktop window opens, opening the same BT seed file on the old computer, and downloading the other half so that 2 computers can be downloaded at the same time, equivalent to a doubling of speed (figure 6, for example, after 10 episodes of download).

▲ Figure 5 for remote control

▲ Figure 6 Download 10 episodes after TV series

Vii. Shared Folders Copy TV set

If you want to copy a TV set, just share the downloaded folder on your old computer and let us read it to copy it to a new computer or to a mobile hard disk and play on the TV.

Finally, if the home has more than one computer, and support triple or even four-dial, the theory can be raised to 3 to 4 times times the speed, very convenient.

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