Multi-mode ebook, or multi-mode reader?

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Ma Jian
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Published: 2013.02.02

At present, the electronic version of the novel on the PC, many are made with HP software multi-mode ebook, of course, the final release format may be CHM or EXE. The main features of this ebook are:

    1. When reading, there are many sets of templates for the reader to choose from, including background color/pattern, font, size, etc., which is the origin of the name "multi-mode", also known as "Multi-template ebook."
    2. There is a catalog page that allows you to quickly locate chapters.

Compared to a single set of templates for a previous book, multi-mode e-books undoubtedly have better reading results, so the Chm/exe version of the novel is now mostly a multi-modal version.

But in my opinion, because the multi-mode ebook is HTML format, eventually need to compile into a CHM or EXE release, so there are some natural defects:

    1. Not editable. Even if the "refined" version, typos are inevitable, but if you want to see the typos when the correction, the current multi-mode ebook can only be a dream. Of course, some people use this feature to protect their so-called "intellectual property", but this is a minority, and so-called "protection" is also unrealistic fantasy.
    2. Cannot save settings. Whether you re-choose the background, color, font or size, as long as the exit, the next time you come in again to choose again. After I changed my widescreen display, I felt particularly upset about that.
    3. The last browse location cannot be saved, so I always have to keep reading one chapter and then exit, otherwise it will be difficult to find the location of the last exit when I open it again next time.
    4. Continuous reading feels bad. Especially in cases where the chapters are less than the number of words, you need to switch chapters frequently. But what I hate most is that at the end of each chapter, when I press the page-turn button, I may only flip half-or several lines, and each time I am stunned.

These defects belong to the "womb", as long as the HTML-oriented, basically there will be. When I think about it, I find that what I really want is not the multi-mode ebook itself, because the gorgeous interface is just a carrier, the content is the core, and the content can be displayed with the appropriate reading experience is the kingly way. So, an ebook browser that has the features of a multi-mode ebook and overcomes its flaws is what I want:

    1. When reading, the reader can set the background, color, change the font, the font size, etc. according to his preference. Most importantly, all settings can be saved without having to reset each time it is started.
    2. can automatically search text content according to certain conditions, generate chapter list, easy to jump.
    3. You can edit the content while you are reading it. Of course, regular editing functions including find, replace, multi-level Undo/redo and so on are necessary.
    4. Can remember the reading position, the next time you enter the direct positioning.
    5. Can be read continuously, also can be paged. It's even better if you add a page-flipping animation effect.

Internet search a lap, found completely meet the above requirements of the reader is not currently, so on their own development of pagebypage, in the middle and added some of my own personal preferences, such as library management.

Multi-mode ebook, or multi-mode reader?

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