Multi-router network connection set up graphics and text tutorial

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This article mainly takes the wired router tl-r460+ and the wireless router tl-wr541g+ as the example for the detailed teaching everybody many routers network to set up the tutorial.

First, network topology analysis

1, suppose you have an ADSL broadband line, after the tl-r460+ broadband router to achieve the two computers share the Internet, the network connection diagram is as follows:

Broadband line 〈-〉ADSL modem〈-〉 (WAN port) r460+ (LAN port) 〈-〉 computer

2, for some reason, you bought tl-wr541g+ wireless Broadband router, want to network can provide wireless access function, this time must be from tl-r460+ LAN port to draw a network cable connection tl-wr541g+, then should connect wr541g+ Wan mouth? Or is it a LAN port connected to wr541g+? The network connection diagram has the following two kinds:

1 Broadband line 〈-〉ADSL modem〈-〉r460+ (LAN port) 〈-〉 (WAN Port) wr541g+ (wireless) 〈-〉 computer

According to this wiring method, as long as the following settings can be:

First of all, the computer 2 IP address configured to 192.168.1.X (X take the natural number range 2-254), through the into the wr541g+ management interface, in the "Network parameters"-"LAN port Settings" Inside the LAN port IP address changed to: (Note: This address can be changed to and the original address section of the arbitrary intranet address), save the prompts to restart the router.

Next, modify the computer's IP address to 172.16.1.X (X takes the natural number range 2~254), as shown in the following figure:

Once again through the address into the wr541g+ management community to configure the WAN port, this mode of connectivity requires the WR541 configuration interface in the WAN settings in the configuration of static IP, the parameters are as follows:

IP address: 192.168.1.X (X take natural number range 2~254)

Subnet Mask:

Default gateway:

Note: This way, after connecting the router r460+ the following computer can not be exchanged with the computer under wr541g+ through the Internet neighbors.

2 Broadband line 〈-〉ADSL modem〈-〉r460+ (LAN port) 〈-〉 (LAN Kou) wr541g+ (wireless) 〈-〉 computer

This connection is not necessary to configure the WAN port because it does not use the wr541g+ Wan, only the following sections are configured:

First, you need to turn off the wr541g+ DHCP server feature (select "Do not enable").

Second, change wr541g+ LAN port IP address (and tl-r460+ LAN port address in the same network segment), such as:, as long as the IP address is not used by other computers.

Next is the wireless or wired way to connect wr541g+ and computers, the above two-step configuration after the wr541g+ is equivalent to a "wireless switch", so wired or wireless connection to the computer above the wr541g+ TCP/IP properties to be consistent with r460+! The equivalent of these computers is directly connected to the r460+ LAN port under the computer, the computer's TCP/IP property parameters are configured as shown in the following figure:

Through the above configuration, you can achieve intranet multiple routers under the computer sharing Internet.

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