Mummy Love Jazz Family Concert

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Blink of an eye three weeks, the little fellow all good performance, the last 10 days of summer vacation, we began to go to school in advance to adapt to the rest of the day, primary and kindergarten differences are still very large, do not say anything else, the NAP has not, the children will certainly have not adapt. Boudoir Honey children than we are a few years old, listen to her say her family bear children, can let me learn a lot of things, the circle of hemp also taught me a lot of parenting experience, thanks to the sharing of sisters, we quickly adapted to the life of the pupil.
The most gratifying thing to the mother, it is certainly the child's healthy and happy growth, our family this child paper, the Constitution is not very good kind, kindergarten small class two years, often a cold fever, eat hot and cold a little attention will be diarrhea, the child is really good worried sick. After blogging, the moms in the circle shared their mummy's love of probiotics, Yi-Yin helps gastrointestinal health, help children improve immunity, but also can add in juice or milk drink, very convenient to say, after a while after a feeling of children's physique significantly better, now Mummy love probiotics is a must.
Often will visit the Mother Love Childcare website, just a few days ago in the forum of Mummy Love to see this: "Weekend time, to their own, love, baby all take a vacation, the family go to music travel." Mom loves Jazz family concerts give your family a happy music trip and feel a new and happy jazz experience. "Mommy loves doing really well, there are a lot of parent-child activities all over, this happens to be Shanghai, must go to the scene to feel."

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