My---Find out who I really am.

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Colleagues seek to send a circle of friends, said why two people communication is so difficult. Originally, two people communicate when, actually is 6 person in exchange:
What you think you are, who you think you are, who you really are, what he thinks you are, who he thinks he is.

Some people use their whole life to know themselves, some people regard themselves as the most powerful enemy. To find yourself is a profound proposition.

In the workplace for many years, I have been looking for what direction is the most suitable for their own, gradually, in 2015, seems to have the answer.

Amid the Lord's "Follow the thoughts of the heart", so that many people find the true meaning of life. Those people are lucky, because most people haven't found "inner thoughts".
For a long time, my mind was in the technical path to go deeper, called a field of experts. But the ideal and the reality is always contradictory, the work of the current situation will this ideal broken pieces, let me on the technical road.

Technical, theoretical practice is indispensable, which requires a precipitate process; If the department all for money, everything to do, turn employees into technology and money slaves, then talk about the future of technology? Such a leader, no matter what.

An opportunity at the beginning of the year, let me know the current leadership. A person who wants to do things, to do things, and to take you with you.
A year of ups and downs, let me have a different view of the work.

The goal of the team is consistent, everyone play their own initiative, realize their dreams, that is, to achieve the goals of the organization. This is a great satisfaction thing, and this experience has never been experienced before. This is bright with like-minded people, yes, what we do is to start a business in a big enterprise. This is the opportunity given by the group, and the result of continuous exploration by leaders. Backed by the tree good shade, we have the strong support of the group, this year the development of the team more smoothly. The growth of the team is personal growth, personal progress is the progress of the team. This feeling, previously only read in textbooks, and personally experience, the feeling of the whole body is full of strength. That is the upward force, that is the power of positive progress.

The risk of entrepreneurship within the company is less than that of individual single-fly startups; Of course, the benefits are much smaller. But others are no different from real startups, but the company's brand guarantee is a lot smoother in hiring and financial terms.

The biggest harvest I've had this year was the formation of teams and technical research, and the balance between technology and management.
At the beginning, I did not know the exact path of development, we have been groping, it is the state of chaos in the early stage. Continuous trial and error, until four months later to find a more acceptable path.
And this road is exactly the same as my own will, that is, intelligent hardware-related.
With the direction to set up a team of shelves, hiring became the main work at that time. 1.5 months, only two suitable. But I bite my teeth and stick to the shelves.
Later, these two people joined me in a lot of work, but also let the leadership and the rest of the team to take notice. Three people into the crowd, concerted efforts.

When it comes to technical research, you have to talk about my favorite Linux kernel and driver. Had always been a hobby, but this was a useful one. Together with our suppliers, we worked together to solve a number of challenges. That period of time, the personal feeling in the technical upgrade of a level.

At present, the team is still growing, the work of the increase in the geometry of the trivial, so that I am busy with complex business work and deviate from the technology, which makes me a bit distressed. Arlene's recommendation is to list a list of work items and then assign the work to go down. The leadership's advice is to grasp the core and key technologies and assign other tasks. Otherwise, you will be exhausted by the more work you have. Seek the same suggestion, recruit when must look for can resist, trustworthy and can share the burden, this is to be able to daying Zhang team.

Gradually, I seem to have found the direction. At the same time, there is a power that I dare to follow the heart of the idea.

My---Find out who I really am.

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