My journey to CCR (1): New concurrent and asynchronous solutions from Microsoft robotics Studio

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Undoubtedly, with the arrival of the "multi-core Era", as the 4-core CPU becomes the mainstream configuration, X-core is only a matter of time in the future. Now that we have multiple coresProgramCan the upgrade of hardware performance be easily and cost-effectively as in the previous single-core era? If your program is still not concurrent, asynchronous, or multithread, the answer is obviously: No. With the advent of the multi-core era, our programs have to move towards concurrency, Asynchronization, and multitasking. In the existing programming technology, although a lot of work has been done to support concurrent and asynchronous programming modes, it is undeniable that in this field, there are still: high learning costs, difficult debugging, and high qualityCodeDifficult coding and complicated error handling are also the main reasons why many people prefer concurrent asynchronous programming. Now, a new technology that can quickly learn, get started, and easily write high-quality, high-performance concurrent, asynchronous programs has emerged. She is the one from the Microsoft robotics studio.   1. What is Cr?
Cr is the abbreviation of concurrency and Coordination runtime. It is one of the runtime libraries of Microsoft robitics Studio (MRS) and can be used independently from mrs, run on the clr2.0 platform.

Ii. What is the usefulness of Cr?
It mainly meets the efficient, standardized, and scalable processing requirements for asynchronous, concurrent, coordinated, and error handling in software development. NET platform's significant abstract achievements in concurrent and asynchronous software development models.

3. Why is it better than traditional concurrent, asynchronous, and multi-thread programming technologies? 1. Simplified concurrent, asynchronous, and multi-threaded Creation Cr pairHow a user's task is executed, what the user's task contains, and on which resources the user's task is run are abstracted, in addition, the task scheduling policy and the load balancing logic are separated from the implementation, so that users do not have to write such a complex framework by themselves, reducing the programming difficulty and improving the readability of the program. 2. Re-compile a thread pool different from the. NET Framework, with better performance and Performance Optimization Based on Multi-core CPU; 3. Easier to learn The abstract of the concurrency and asynchronous programming made by the CR is that the concurrency and asynchronous programming modes become simpler. In a centralized plan, the tasks to be executed by the user are transferred to the dispatcher scheduler. The scheduler automatically optimizes and executes high-performance tasks based on the configured Task Scheduling Policy and the Server Load balancer logic. All you need to do is compile the task, define the data structure of the task processing, and throw the data to be processed into the CR queue. No longer need to create threads, no longer need to worry about mutex and contention for thread resources, and no longer need to worry about how to optimize code to use multi-core CPU.   Iv. Data aggregation of Cr
Currently, there are quite a few data records on the Resource Access Management (CR). Therefore, we mainly look at the official data:
1. User Guide on msdn: Http://
2. Find a Chinese translation above in the garden: Http:// (The appendix contains compiled Word documents for download. You can print them into a book ); (Update1 :)  3. The official forum of Cr: Http:// Forumid = 1424 & siteid = 1 4. download of the CR: the CR is a Runtime Library in the Microsoft robot workroom and has not been released independently (however, Microsoft has declared that this Runtime Library is based on clr2.0, it can be run without relying on other components. For the Declaration, see: Http:// ). Therefore, to download this Cr, you must first download and install Microsoft robotics Studio (1.5: Http:// (En-US). aspx (For the convenience of everyone, I package and package the components of Cr, which are provided in the appendix ).   V. Appendix 1, Cr class library (v1.5) 2, Cr User Guide (Chinese translation)

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