My paging experience in the press release system of the program Life Series

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After I showed my job to the Minister, I asked for real paging, instead of using the pagination function provided by the gridview. Indeed, I think that is not good, so let's do it, after doing so, you can turn to the right, hahaha!

--- Pagination ----

Step 1: Stored Procedure Create procedure [DBO]. [news_selectbyindex]

@ Startindex int,

@ Endindex int



With temptbl (

Select row_number () over (order by ID) as row, * From News


Select * From temptbl where row between @ startindex and @ endindex


Step 2: add the corresponding method in sqlhelper

Public sqldatareader executenewsreader (commandtype parameter type, Params sqlparameter [] partition parms)




Conn = getconn ();

String optional text = "news_selectbyindex ";

Cmd = new sqlcommand (plain text, Conn );

Cmd. commandtype = primitive type;

Cmd. Parameters. addrange (partition parms );

Sqldatareader RDR = cmd. executereader (commandbehavior. closeconnection );

Cmd. Parameters. Clear ();

Return RDR;




Conn. Close ();




Step 3: add the aspnetpager control to the page

Add to top

<% @ Register Assembly = "aspnetpager" namespace = "Wuqi. webdiyer" tagprefix = "webdiyer" %>

<Webdiyer: aspnetpager id = "aspnetpager1" cssclass = "paginator" currentpagebutt runat = "server" alwaysshow = "true" firstpagetext = "Homepage" lastpagetext = "last" homepage = "Next" pagesize = ""8" prevpagetext = "Previous Page" showcustominfosection = "Left" showinputbox = "never" custominfotextalign = "Left" layouttype = "table">

</Webdiyer: aspnetpager>

Step 4: Add CSS attributes for the aspnetpager Control

. Paginator


Font: 12px Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

Padding: 10px 20px 10px 0;

Margin: 0px;


. Paginator


Border: solid 1px # CCC;

Color: # 0063dc;

Cursor: pointer;

Text-Decoration: none;


. Paginator A: visited


Padding: 1px 6px;

Border: solid 1px # DDD;

Background: # FFF;

Text-Decoration: none;


. Paginator. Cardiopulmonary Bypass


Border: 1px solid # F50;

Font-weight: 700;

Color: # F50;

Background-color: # ffeee5;


. Paginator A: hover


Border: solid 1px # F50;

Color: # f60;

Text-Decoration: none;


. Paginator A,. paginator A: visited,. paginator. Cardiopulmonary,. paginator A: hover


Float: left;

Height: 16px;

Line-Height: 16px;

Min-width: 10px;

_ Width: 10px;

Margin-Right: 5px;

Text-align: center;

White-space: nowrap;

Font-size: 12px;

Font-family: Arial, simsun;

Padding: 0 3px;


Step 5: Compile the page background code

Public void binddata ()


// Bind statement

Repnews. datasource = new sqlhelper (). executenewsreader (commandtype. storedprocedure,

New sqlparameter ("@ startindex", aspnetpager1.startrecordindex ),

New sqlparameter ("@ endindex", aspnetpager1.endrecordindex ));

Repnews. databind ();

This. aspnetpager1.custominfohtml = string. format ("Current page {0}/{1} contains {2} records per page {3}", new object [] {This. aspnetpager1.currentpageindex, this. aspnetpager1.pagecount, this. aspnetpager1.recordcount, this. aspnetpager1.pagesize });


Protected void aspnetpager1_pagechanged (Object SRC, eventargs E)


Binddata ();


Then, modify all the background code and use binddate (), for example, page_load (), after deleting the news category, and so on.

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