My ping-pong career 4-ping-pong marriage

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My ping-pong career 4------Ping-pong marriage


~ : # ¥ % ......), Although the hand was born, but relying on a few pushes, the guy was unable to find the north. At that time, a group of people looked at me, just like finding a new idol (I vomit ......), I don't forget to complain a few words when I win the ball: This racket is really uncomfortable ......

After six years, I found my feeling of winning again. I can imagine my mood at that time. Since then, I seem to have returned to elementary school, and the gymnasium has become a frequent place for me.

In fact, there was another important reason to go to the gymnasium: I found there was a pretty Mm (I learned from various sources that it was from the Financial Department. Plmm ) I often play basketball with one of her girlfriends. Although the level is still poor Mm The comparison in the middle is already very good. If the scope is reduced Plmm In the middle, it is almost excellent. I haven't talked about my love affair since I was a child. I suddenly got an impulse to create a "ping-pong marriage ". .

Having no experience in love, I found it difficult to direct the scene: I am not in a department with her, and it is very difficult to meet. I can only choose the gymnasium as our "first-known place" (my God, I have secretly caught a glance at her.100Back! But it should be a first time for her); her skills are far from me. Why should I find a reason to "compete" with her?

I believe that this is only a little bit of a joke for a strong player, but at that time I was just a little boy, and I was fascinated by billiards, photography, and so many interesting places in Qingdao. After one semester, I haven't said a word to her! (Now I think I was stupid)

I believe more and more in this sentence: the charm of a man does not come from the appearance, but from the connotation. This is also the reason why I have been confident in front of girls for a long time (recruit! · # ¥ % ...... - * At the beginning of my freshman year and next semester, I met her on campus! I couldn't think of a winter vacation, but she even recognized me (it seems that she noticed me while playing the ball, ah, it's hard to beat the ball ......), A slight smile at me. This smile made me feel spring, and my mind was blank. Seeing that we were about to pass by, I suddenly calmed down and thought: we must never miss this opportunity! I instantly make a smile (in 0.01 Strong smiling face in seconds, you can think how ugly), also greetings: "Hello! Why haven't you been playing basketball recently ?" ( My God ! When the school started, the gymnasium was still unknown.) She probably said to take care of my face, "I just got to school, but I didn't take it out, you play well. When will you teach me?" Wow! It's amazing! I held down my exclusive heart and said, "Okay, but I am very busy at ordinary times. Let me give you a call ...... What is your dormitory phone number ......?" (Something is very busy. If she calls me, I will go up and down the sea, but men cannot show too much exposure. Later, I learned it after theoretical study, this is an easy-to-learn girl tip. I don't know how to use it. ~ )

On the first Saturday afternoon after receiving her phone call, I called her and asked her to play (the shy little boy finally stepped out of the lucky first step). She readily agreed. After playing for one afternoon, I corrected some of her playing positions. Ah, it was so good that afternoon that Einstein's theory of relativity again worked on me. I owe it to him that I didn't even invite her to dinner that night! (Such a good opportunity! It seems that I can't do it without some practical experience.) I have forgotten the specific reason, but I have always regretted it. It is estimated that the glorious image I created in the afternoon has been destroyed by me! I have never dared to call her again for a while.

Later, she called me on her own initiative. Instead of playing a ball, she talked about it. In fact, she was in a bad mood because she had just lost in the Badminton Competition and wanted to chat with her. That night, we talked a lot ...... (Save it here10000Characters)

I don't believe this sentence: distance is beautiful. We are all in the branch campus for freshman year. In the first three years of my sophomore year, I will move to the School Headquarters (far away from the branch campus), and she will stay in the branch campus all the time, we knew the upcoming differences as soon as the end of the semester, but at that time, there was only one month left before the end of the semester. In addition, I had to prepare for the final examination review, and the remaining contact time was too little, because there was no mobile phone at the time, the new dormitory mailbox was changed for both parties in the new school year. Till now, we have never been in touch. That story has become my permanent memories ......

This story is the first time I posted it online. I just wanted to improve my "my ping-pong career, this is also an episode of my ping-pong career!

(this article is not to be continued. It is original. Please do not reprint it. Thank you !)

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