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I haven't written a blog in the last two months. Of course I'm busy. I don't have an excuse to be busy. I can't help it. I don't know how to write a blog.

A few days ago, I was working on a portal station. The portal station can be large or small and can be implemented with a CMS. I also referred to a lot of open-source websites. the CMS project of the. NET version is not very ideal, or I didn't have a deep understanding of the author's intention. So I created another wheel, and now all the major functions are implemented. Next I will introduce my implementation methods:

I. Main technologies: 4.0 + template engine (nvelocity)

Ii. Function Description:

1: Content Management (mainly information)
2: Classification Information (this is understandable to all people, for example, 58 images of the Market)

Iii. Implementation Method:

First, most portal sites generate static pages. I don't have them. I don't want to generate static pages.

Let's talk about my current implementation method.

I divide the page into N small pieces, each of which is treated as a user control. In the background, I create a template for each user control, and then generate a single file based on the user control template, when you create a page template, the generated user controls are included in the template. Each time you update data, you can select the user control to be updated to refresh. The data is based onArticleTo determine the obtained attributes. Okay, I admit that I am a bit dizzy. Let's look at the figure:

CMS is a simple introduction to the following functions:

Model Management: It is useless. Put it down first.

Channel topic: This is easy to understand.

Content Management: This is where all articles are managed

Template management: this is important, and it is also the core of CMS.

Include File Management: This is also relatively simple, that is, some include files such as head footer

Information collection: This is the automatic collection of articles

User Control: static content of each small part of the page

Generation page: unfinished

The basic functions are introduced. The following describes the template management module:

In order to facilitate management, I managed templates by category. I defined the template category in the data dictionary of the system. In fact, this is some templates, such:

After you have created all the required user control templates in different channels and columns, the following describes how to create a user control with data.

Create a user control, such:

The data source is the topic from which the data of this user control is obtained.

After the user control is created, click Edit to view the HTML with dataCodeFor example:

We can make minor adjustments as needed

Now the basic data is ready. The following is the introduction of these user controls on the page.

The introduction of user controls is also an operation in the template. Note that the file names of user controls cannot be repeated.


I have written so much. I wonder if you have understood my intention.

The system is still under development and sends a memo to you. Otherwise, you will forget why you did it in N days.

At present portal station above line, web site: Unicom machine room, telecommunications access may be slow, leave a message for me





The next section describes how to implement the classification information.










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