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No matter what to do, to do faster and better, is required to have some quality
, some qualities are innate, such as character, preference, etc., and some qualities are
The day after tomorrow can be cultivated, such as technology, language, thinking, morality and so on, people
Often said: Personality determines fate. It makes me feel depressed, if that's true,
I think most of us programmers are really poor one, thinking back a long way to the future, such as
One day the code is longer than the Great Wall, and we are still living
Live or love and busy, it is really a not ideal under
field, perhaps we need to reflect on our character and see if we can go more
Good direction to develop, let our technology and ideas bring us a more
Beautiful future, hehe ...

Let's just go back to the software test. In the test work, people are the most
Important is also the most valuable resources (in fact, in other jobs, uh
Well, a good, positive test team is the software quality assurance
Key, but at home we often see some worrying phenomena,
Many companies like to get the least experienced novice and inefficient developers
or not suitable for other jobs to do the testing work, which is a short-sighted
Behavior that often leads to more serious consequences, and fools know
The importance of product quality to an enterprise is like the oil I bought
Smoke machine, I think this life will never buy the company developed any production
Products, so that customers have this mentality is a big failure of the enterprise, so I recognize
For software enterprises need to correct attitude, the quality of software products issues in the first
One, let Chinese software take off at an early date.

There are some days of research software testing, and the management of testing personnel
Some experience, now let's talk about a good test engineer should have
The quality of the preparation.

(1) technical capability;

Needless to say, as a test engineer, you can't just go from the user
To test software products, and to design tests from a technical point of view
Use cases, the techniques mentioned here include basic and professional, basic aspects I would like to
You should learn the following courses: Software Technology Foundation, C language, oriented to
such as design, C + +, database theory, computer network technology, software engineering,
Data structure and algorithm, discrete mathematics, and so on; Professional aspects should be mastered: software testing
Introduction to technology, test management, testing tools, software quality Management, CMM, RUP
Wait a minute. Look, you still lack what, hurry up to learn it.

(2) have a certain programming experience;

Test engineers sometimes need to check the source code, sometimes from the process
To test the software at the point of view of the order structure, sometimes you need to write some automated tests
Tool software, sometimes need to write test scripts, obviously, will write simple
Code, the ability to read and understand the source is a must for testers, and if there is
A certain amount of programming experience can help you to have a more in-depth software development process
Understanding, from the programmer's point of view to evaluate correctly; but this is at home
Most companies are difficult to achieve because it means that testers '
Salary is higher than the developer, a lot of bosses will not think, and
So high consciousness, hehe.

(3) Communication skills;

Testers need to communicate with many people, project managers, developers,
Customers, marketers, and so on are the subjects that testers often quarrel with, and
In the face of different people, you need different tone, different attitude, and customer
To talk to each other for the sake of customers, customer is God, speak to God
To be pleasant, it takes skill to socialize with developers, testers and
Developers are often sworn in, and the two are often psychologically
This is especially important when speaking in a tone of voice or telling the starting point of a question.

(4) must have the rigorous, dares to take the responsibility, the steady work style;

In fact, those who study mathematics are most suitable for testing, they think closely, what to ask
They take into account, of course, in addition to doing serious and careful, but also have to bear
The courage of responsibility in the long project implementation process, or big or small errors
Unavoidable, we can forgive the mistake, but do not like the quibble, must dare to admit
The error is recognized.

(5) A spirit of suspicion and destruction;

Testers can not always test the software with conventional ideas, to design some
Unconventional, contrary test cases to continually torment software products, to destroy
Test, and do not stop your suspicions.

(6) Good at self-summary, self-supervision;

It should be said that software testing is a tedious and boring work, long
You will feel as if there is no improvement in your ability to do your own.
You need to be self-urging, and often make some periodic summaries, new
New methods of technology new tools abound, to let the self keep up with the development of technology
's footsteps and is adept at applying new techniques and new tools to the testing effort.

Think of so many temporarily, actually also already enough, some of them can
Able to do anything is appropriate, the author has limited experience, there are unexpected places,
Hope that friends to teach, and finally with the words of bacon old people to end this article
Article: Pay attention to your thoughts, it will become your action; Watch your actions.
, it will become your habit; pay attention to your habits, it will become your character
, and character will determine your destiny.

My opinion on the software Test---development

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