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For me: Programmers are people who are in the white-collar environment, but do the job of migrant workers. I work in Guangzhou, I believe everyone is familiar with my routine: 9 in the morning to work, sitting in front of the computer, programming one day, 6 o'clock in the afternoon home from work. Work overtime is to go home 9 o'clock night. Saturday sometimes has to work overtime. The real "996" mode of life. Recently, I made a major adjustment to my schedule from Monday to Friday. For nearly three months, I've been working and resting like other programmers. But I am this old ox type of people who are more passionate about project development.

In order to tidy up a set of suitable for their own efficient, healthy work and rest habits of the law, for this read a large number of books. Includes: "Seven Habits of high-performance people", "Harvard Time Management", "Time management Golden rule" and other personal management books and "Deep Sleep", "meditation five minutes" and other health books. Search for relevant information, draw on many successful people and non-successful people. Experience. I hope these personal habits are good for you.

5:25 to 8: meditation, writing, target review, code

5:30 Get up programmer. All of them say that programmers are night cats. Not more than midnight can not sleep! But I disagree. That's what I think. Since it is all 9:00, you are at 1 o ' clock to sleep at night. Then to 8 in the morning more hurried to work, rather than change to 10:30 or so to sleep (this is the most suitable for the human body sleep time, on the discussion of high-quality sleep, the author no longer too much discussion, interested in reading the relevant information), 5:30 get up, make full use of the two half a day, with the help of trimming the night The spirit of full strength continue to fight more efficient, for this I and late sleep two more than two clock and early to do experiments, the latter is more suitable for the author, at the same time we found no. Now people's life is like late sleep habit late sleep, late. The dead of night became the city, but the sunrise is desolate. But I am "counter-day", accustomed to wake up early that should adapt to early sleep. After getting up, I will immediately drink 500 ml of warm water (which was prepared last night), the author of drinking coffee, smoking habits. You can take a bath if you have a condition.

I meditate for 30 minutes every morning. The best time to meditate is in the process of sunrise or sunrise, meaning sunrise. I'm not going to explain why meditation is good for you, because this is the author's hobby.

After meditation, I spend 30-45 minutes blogging. I usually write 500 to 800 words. I found that after meditation, it is usually one go and smooth to write immediately. In addition, the brain after a night of rest, the state is very good, before the attention to other matters, the accumulation of things in the brain to clean up is very good. A technique for writing: Use this time as a preliminary cleanup of the brain. Don't do research, edit, etc. These things will be done in the future. Then it is time for the To Do List (Todo list). I will check the mail, Weibo, LinkedIn, and so on, as well as schedule the next task to be done. Speaking of tasks, I follow the GTD method of doing things, I use mylife organized software to manage my life. I also installed it on the iphone. Not bad. I browse through to the list of things to do, and think about what is expected of everything-everything from small things today to long-term goals. Each entry in the list is set with a target, and if there is no target, I will delete it.

Then the breakfast time. There's at least one egg for breakfast. Modern people who want to sit down and have a nutritious breakfast seem like a luxury thing, but experts remind me that no matter how busy it is, breakfast is essential every day. A nutritious breakfast must have three elements: one is starch food, including bread, porridge, noodles, etc., second, high-quality protein food, such as milk, soy milk, eggs, etc., three is rich in fiber and vitamin C fruit and vegetable. Small suggestion: This looks very complicated, in fact quite simple, a bowl of noodle soup plus an egg and vegetables can meet the requirements. If you are not even ready for the time, you can buy a boiled egg and vegetarian steamed buns to eat. Eggs are more resistant to hunger than bread and grains, and are beneficial for the brain to develop and improve memory.

Early 9 o'clock to 12:3 hours of programming time


This is the time I use to program. 3 hours a day you may feel less miserable, but I find that in these 3 hours I can do more than most people do in a day. Studies have shown that people with fixed work schedules are more efficient than those who work at random. For me, this fixed time is 9 o'clock to 12 o ' Day, daily. What I'm going to do this time is programming, not doing anything else. There are several basic principles:

First, shut down all communication facilities-mobile phone, mail, chat tools to cut off the net. There's nothing to distract you from. You can save a few people a way to get in touch with you in case something urgent happens. The people who really have urgent things to find you have a way of contacting you, and I haven't met anything like this. You should only do one thing during this period. Don't do 5 or 6 things at the same time.

Second, don't leave a break in the middle to check your email or surf the Internet or do anything like that. The reason: In one hours, I can develop X function. If I had worked 4 hours in a row, I would have found that my output was not 4 times times, but 8 times or 16 times times. When you are absorbed in doing something, believe that you have experienced such an experience. This is what we call the flow state of the brain.     I'm going to write more articles about flow in a future blog. So why not apply such a system to the entire 8-hour working time? This is because there is a limit to the state of human efficiency. The human brain is the same as the muscle. Can you keep exercising for 8 hours on a treadmill? Just like our muscles, the brain needs to rest from time to time. Such limits vary according to individual differences.     By trying and according to the mistakes made, I found that my limit time was 3 hours. One more thing to mention is that I did not set the alarm at 12 o ' clock. I stopped working when I felt my brain was a bit tired and my productivity started to fall. Some days I only work 2 hours, sometimes I work 4 hours; 3 hours is the average. I work at home to avoid interruptions. If you need to work in an office, see if management allows you to work at home at the most efficient time. The toss-up on your way to work will offset the benefits of doing yoga and meditation in the morning. After an early rush of hustle and bustle in the office, your nerves become tense and the effects of meditation disappear completely.     Working from home must be more efficient. 12 o'clock to 1 o'clock in the afternoon: lunch, lunch break This is the ratio between lunch and lunch time is 1:1. Eating some meat at noon to eat a full lunch, lunch break is very important. Must be grasped well.

1 o'clock in the afternoon to 6: The long, weary afternoon begins.

The length of the afternoon is beyond doubt. As far as our company is concerned, the afternoon looks longer ... 9:30 start work, drink water, check mail, chat, go to the bathroom. You will find that the morning time is lost. (Note: Because our company is located near the office of the concentration of workers in particular more ... The company rules to have lunch 11:50 minutes)

6 o'clock in the afternoon to 9 o'clock: 1, Family time 2, overtime (usually based on this)

I'll make some arrangements when I move in the evening. I will deploy tomorrow's main work and reflect on my work today.

9 o'clock in the evening to 9:50: reflect and subcontracting the brain (at this time on the way home or on the subway ...). I'll take a look at the magazine that I downloaded the day and enjoy it all over again. I do not meditate at night, but instead sit down and reflect on the day's life. If you spend 15 minutes in a quiet place to reflect on your day, you will be surprised to discover that you have learned so much from this day and gained such a great improvement.

9:45 to 10:30 exercise, bath, Diary next, I work for the brain. As we all know, the brain is constantly working when we sleep. So, you'd better arrange a little work for it. For me, these things worked well: I made an outline of what I was going to write the next morning. It's like writing a note. I found it more effective to write it on paper than to write it on a computer. Or, I'll look at some programming/algorithmic issues. Similarly, the paper will describe or write the framework. Surprisingly, many times in the morning you will find that there is a solution! Things like this I wrote on a neat, non-linear, envelope-sized notebook. Writing on blank white paper will make me more inspired. I went to bed at around 10:30. The sooner the better, everyone finds that I haven't touched my computer since I got home.

This is my schedule for the day. I haven't told you what I'm doing on weekends, and I'll talk about it in future articles. I'd like to hear about other people's stories about their schedules and how they can improve their work efficiency. (For reference

My work--Monday to Friday

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