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What is my world mobile phone version js?

Js is actually equivalent to MOD, or a script, plug-in, or plug-in. It triggers an event to achieve the goal of MOD. Js is easier to write than MOD.


Herobrine is a rumor in the sandbox game minecraft. It is a fictional role in a terrorist story and a symbol in the Minecraft community.


JS introduction:

1. Summon HIM to summon a competitor to attack players;

2. The administrator and HIM have the right to switch the player game mode;

3. Creative, he can create new creatures;

4. Control. He can control the biological blood volume;

5. Instant shift: When a player attacks, he will be instantly moved and will occasionally be instantly moved at ordinary times;

6. Ghosting, he has a certain chance to appear behind the player;

7. Don't die. Any attack is invalid for HIM;

8. Construction. He will build various strange buildings;

9. Notice that once he thinks he has encountered a dangerous thing, he will be instantly moved;

10. You have the right to control the time in the current world;

11. Destruction. He can kill any creature in seconds;

12. God is angry. When he is dying, he will trigger the death of his skills and summon a nuclear bomb;

13. Control. He can control players;

14. Copy. He can copy any creature;

15. Arson. He will set fires;

16. Burning, he will make any creature self-ignited for a certain period of time;

17. Vientiane Bao Luo, he will make forests;

18. There is almost no difference between the players copied by AI and HIM, whether in behavior or ability;

19. Separation, he will summon the same separation as his own capabilities.

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