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By default, Eclipse, the MyEclipse code hints feature is much worse than Microsoft Visual Studio

, mainly eclipse, MyEclipse itself has many options that are turned off by default and are to be manually configured by the developer. If the developer does not

If you're clear, you don't know Eclipse, MyEclipse's code hints function as well as Microsoft Visual Studio's code

As powerful as a function.

Let's give a simple example to illustrate the problem, such as in Eclipse, MyEclipse code, Foreach,switch, etc.

These are not going to get code hints (do not believe yourself to try), the other is not to mention, while in Microsoft Visual Studio

Inside is a very friendly code hint. In fact, Eclipse, the code hint feature in the MyEclipse code defaults to the general

It's the point ".", which usually has a dot "." Before there is a code hint.

Principle: "Auto activation triggers for Java" is the option that triggers the code hint, putting "."

To ". ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ (,") means to encounter 26 letters and., (these symbols trigger the code to mention

Shows the function. (Specific back has said, rest assured)

Enhanced eclipse, MyEclipse code hints, how to configure. Let's start with the steps (note the

MyEclipse 6.0.1 to do the explanation):

1. Open MyEclipse 6.0.1, then "window" → "Preferences"

2. Select "Java", expand, "Editor", select "Content Assist".

3. Select "Content Assist", and then see the right, the right side of "auto-activation" under the "Auto

Activation triggers for Java "this option. Actually, it means that the trigger code hint is "." This symbol.

4. "Auto activation triggers for Java" option, in "." After the ABC letter, easy to find later

Modify. Then "Apply" and click "OK".

5. Then, "File" → "Export", in the pop-up window select "Perferences", click "Next".

6. Select the export file path, I export to the desktop, enter "test" as the file name, click "Save".

7. On the desktop to find just in the saved file "TEST.EPF", right-click Select "Open with Notepad."

8. You can see a lot of configuration MyEclipse 6.0.1 information

9. Press "CTRL + F" shortcut, enter ". ABC" and click "Find Next".

10. The configuration information to find ". ABC" is as follows:

As follows:

11. Change ". abc" to ". ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ (,", Save, close "TEST.EPF".

12. Back to MyEclipse 6.0.1 interface, "File" → "Import", in the pop-up window select "Perferences", click

Next, select the "TEST.EPF" file that has just been modified, click "Open" and click "Finish". This step and the above

is similar to the export step.

13. Finally, of course, the code is tested. Create a new project and create a new class. In the code input Switch,foreach and so on

Test. You will immediately find that there is a hint, and no matter what the letter will have a lot of relevant hints, very smooth, very square



The "Auto activation triggers for Java" option refers to the option of triggering a code hint to "." Change into

". ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ (," meaning, refers to encountering 26 letters and., (these symbols trigger the code hint work

I can do it.

By the way, modify the class name, interface name, etc. in different colors highlighted, you can configure this in the "Java" → "Enditor" →

"Syntac", the right to expand "Java" → "classes", on the hook "Enable" this option, choose their favorite color can be.

Of course, there are other related color configurations. I will not tell you the details. In fact, in the "Preferences" this thing, there are many can be configured

Things, make myeclipse optimized, specific to each person according to their personal preferences to configure the

The original Eclipse code hint [alt+/] may be invalidated after the new myeclipse is installed.

The following methods can be used to recover

1, Start myeclipse select menu bar Windows->preperences->general->keys

2, the Word completion shortcut key settings alt+/deleted. If it's not deleted here, you'll have no use setting it up.

3, the Content Assist shortcut keys to alt+/


If you are not prompted, it is possible that the prompt function is turned off.
Do it as follows
1, menu window->preferences->java->editor->content assist->enable Auto activation option to tick
2, Window->preferences->java->editor->content assist->advanced the above tab select

The proposal kinds contained in the ' Default ' content Assist list: to the other Java

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