Nancy Learning-Identity verification (Basic authentication) continues across platforms

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Open Source Sample code: Https://

The advanced section of Nancy is now in front of you to learn about Nancy's identity certification.

This article mainly explains the Basic authentication, the fundamental authentication .

In HTTP, Basic authentication is a form of login authentication that allows a Web browser or other client program to provide credentials in the form of a user name and password when requested.

Description: This example is based on Nancy 1.4.3. The release of the Nancy 2.0 preview has been released and the version has been changed to a larger size.


Installing Nancy.Authentication.Basic

1.4. 1

I'm not going to create a new project here, just add it in the previous project.

1. Implement the Iuservalidator interface

Create a new class that implements the Iuservalidator interface.

     Public classBasicuservalidator:iuservalidator { PublicIuseridentity Validate (stringUsernamestringpassword) {            if(Username = ="Linezero"&& Password = ="Demo")            {                return NewBasicuser () {UserName =username}; }            return NULL; }    }

Here I have fixed the user judgment, you can also use a variety of ways to judge.

2. Implement the Iuseridentity interface

     Public class basicuser:iuseridentity    {        publicstringgetset;}          Public ienumerable<stringgetset;}    }

3. Add authentication to the Nancy pipeline

In the Bootstrapper that inherits Defaultnancybootstrapper , add the following code Applicationstartup:

 protected  override  void   Applicationstartup (Nancy.TinyIoc.TinyIoCContainer container, Nancy.Bootstrapper.IPipelines pipelines) { base  .            Applicationstartup (container, pipelines); Pipelines. Enablebasicauthentication ( new   Basicauthenticationconfiguration (container. Resolve  <iuservalidator> (),   " myrealm  " ); //  Error; }

Main code:

Pipelines. Enablebasicauthentication (new  basicauthenticationconfiguration (                container. Resolve<IUserValidator>(),                "myrealm"));

When added, start the program.

Visit: http://localhost:9000

Enter Linezero demo to successfully authenticate.

4. Get authorized Users

We need to get authorized users in module to use context.currentuser to obtain user information.

Add a Get user name in Homemodule:


The implementation is as follows:

5. Cross-platform

Upload the program to Linux execution to access the corresponding address:

Sample code Download: Https://

The sample code contains previous examples and will be updated continuously, welcome to star.

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Nancy Learning-Identity verification (Basic authentication) continues across platforms

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