National Journal of Computer Science (SCI/EI)

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sci-expanded 1. Computer Science and technology Journal of computer Sciences and Technology (bimonthly)
JCR (if:0.293; articles); JCR (if:0.441; 104 articles) Organizer: Institute of Computing Technology, CAS The English version of Chinese Journal of Electronics (bimonthly)JCR (if:0.185; 207 articles); JCR (if:0.120; 159 articles)Organizer: China Electronics Society Science in the China Series f:information Science (Published-issues per year)JCR (if:0.437; articles)Organizer: Chinese Academy of Sciences and the National Natural Science Foundation of China EI1. Electronic Chinese version Acta Electronica sinica (monthly)
Organizer: China Electronics Society 2. Chinese version of electronic and Information Journal (monthly) Organizer: Institute of Electronics, CAS (Provincial and ministerial project support, international cooperation priority) 3. Computer journal Chinese Journal of Computers (monthly)
Organizer: Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Computer Sciences 4. Computer Studies and development Journal of computer Research and development (monthly)
Organizer: Chinese Society of Computer Science, Institute of Computing Technology, CAS (national, provincial-level project support preferred) 5. Computer Integrated Manufacturing system computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems
Organizer: The No. 210 Institute of China Ordnance Industry Corporation Journal of Computer Aided Design and graphics (acceptance rate 50%, review 3 months?) Organizer: China Computer Society Robot Robot (bimonthly)
Organizer: Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences Theory and application (bimonthly) control theory & Applications
Organizer: South University of Southhttp:// 9. Control and decision-decision (monthly)
Organizer: Tohoku University
Http:// Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence (quarterly)Organizer: National Intelligent Computer Research and Development Center of China Automation Society by one .Journal of Software Journal of software (monthly)
Organizer: Institute of Software, CAS, Chinese Computer Society 12. Systems Engineering and electronic technology (monthly)
Organizer: China Aerospace Science and Engineering Corporation Second Research Institute, China Aerospace Society, China Systems Engineering Society

13. Journal of Automation (bimonthly) Acta Automatica Sinica
Organizer: Automation Institute of China Academy of Automation Journal of information and computational science High-Tech Newsletter (monthly)
Organizer: Sponsored by China Institute of Science and Technology information(national project priority)Turn from: Eric's Blog

National Journal of Computer Science (SCI/EI)

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