Navicat issues with the report Viewer setup options

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The common function of the Navicat Report Viewer is to provide user analysis reports for computers that do not operate Navicat , but that have the Navicat reporting viewer installed. Its user interface is carefully designed to not only quickly and easily access reports, but also to print reports in different formats. The Navicat report Viewer also provides additional option settings to meet the individual needs of the user. Let's share with you the question of NAVICAT report Viewer setup options?


You can open the Options Settings dialog box by selecting the Tools---options from the main menu.

Navicat Report Viewer Tree Filter

Other options

File Location: Category record connection and report files are saved in the Profiles directory, all log files are saved in the logs directory.

Activating and updating programs

Automatically check for updates on startup: Tick this to let the Navicat report Viewer check for new versions at startup.

Proxy Server

Use a proxy server: Tick this to use a proxy server in the activation process and enter the host, port, user name, and password.

OCI (Oracle only)

OCI Library (oci.dll): Select the Oracle client or Oracle Instant Client folder path for the Basic or TNS connection that contains the OCI library (Oci.dll), which is included in the Navica The T report Viewer installation folder can be directly pointed to. It is important to note that restarting the Navicat report Viewer does not take effect.

Oracle Instant Client deploys an Oracle client application created in OCI, OCCI, JDBC-OCI, or ODBC drives in a relatively simple way, providing the required Oracle client library in a small set of files, or by following the links below Oracle Client or Oracle Instant client.

Oracle Client


Oracle Instant Client


Select the appropriate platform, CPU Instant Client package, all installed requires Basic or basic Lite package, unpack the package and set the path to point to it.

Oracle Client Installation Guidelines


Log file

The Navicat Report Viewer provides log file records Navicat the actions that are already running in the reports Viewer, which are logs in subdirectories, such as C:\Users\Guest\Documents\Navicat. Viewer\ Premium\logs\, you can change the location of the log file in the options.

HttpDump.log: Saves data for HTTP server replies.

LogHistory.txt: Records all SQL statements on the NAVICAT report Viewer database and all running jobs on the database object.

Warm tip: This record will be overwritten when the Navicat report Viewer is restarted.

For more information about the Navicat report Viewer setup options, click on the "Navicat tutorial " to get more tutorials.

Navicat issues with the report Viewer setup options

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