Need to correct the five wrong views on the selection of speakers

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The horn is big, the box is big must be cow B

The bass unit horn is big, the box big most intuitive meaning superiority is: pushes the volume to be bigger, the low volume feeling also stronger. But these are basic theories, the sound box is a whole chain of results, including circuit design, the use of the capacitor, cattle, box design and so on are very learned, or give you a large unit and box, look so cool, no power to promote is also in vain. If JS to the box large to demand high prices, at least in the multimedia field, this set of our resolute not to eat. Because we don't need to install B speakers.

The wooden speakers must be good.

Or you also subconsciously think that the wooden speakers must be excellent, when walking into the electronic market choice, there will always be enthusiastic businessmen to recommend to you, a certain brand of speakers what wood, quality, how excellent, how good acoustics and so on. But we IT168 to remind you of the hotline is: Buy a speaker is not to buy furniture, if it is to buy furniture, good wood furniture can be used as a measure of the quality of the product is an important standard, because good wood material means strong, durable and even outstanding Master's taste.

But for the choice of speakers for wood, it can not be a measure of the standard, of course not to deny that the wooden speakers have better resonance performance, the speaker can withstand more power, the volume is not limited, and so on, but the wood is not omnipotent, because the original board has a resonant quality, speakers work when the wood itself will produce sound , affecting the sound performance of speakers, so that the wooden speakers are good speakers and no basis.

High price equals high quality before we discuss this issue, we need to understand a little sound is a kind of sensory things, everyone has a different view of appreciation, so each tuning master also have their own understanding, the key is to tune out the sound quality is your favorite sound, if not what you like, and then good material is in vain. So the price and sound quality is not necessarily proportional, not that you pay double the price, there will be double the quality of enjoyment. Don't let your judgment be affected by the price.

It's not always good to hear too much. Now everyone is promoting the original voice, however, many manufacturers in order to commercial interests (to consumers to listen to feel very shocking feeling) artificial change of the voice, but this situation will generally lead to sound control of the speaker error, the direct result is that the speaker is not resistant to listen. For example, say a speaker after the change, if you hear your own subwoofer in the 20Hz to make a sound-please don't be happy! This just shows your subwoofer is not good, at the low-frequency resonant harmonics and the designers did not take any action to correct. This is actually the low-frequency control of the poor typical!

Brand good is equal to the quality of good brand is one of the focus of consumer attention, the original product should be through a solid quality to win the hearts of consumers, but in the hype in the era of flying, the brand does not necessarily represent the quality. Many well-known brands also have in the market not successful products, on the contrary some well-known brands also have a successful representative works. Unless you buy a loudspeaker not to listen, but to install B, you can directly choose the most famous brand.

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