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more and more netizens began to use NetEase flash mail This software, this software has a very convenient function is, you can add other email accounts, receive the email account of all the mail. So, NetEase flash mail How do I add an Outlook mailbox? Let's take a look at the right way to add it today .

NetEase Flash Mail

NetEase Flash Mail Add Outlook Mailbox method:

The first step: click on the file, in the InfoBar will show the added mailbox account information, you can click "Add Account", add the designated mailbox to send and receive mail work, such as the first picture.

Step two: In the pop-up dialog box to select the service, this time to add e-mail accounts, directly click Next.

NetEase Flash Mail

Step three: In the pop-up Automatic Account Settings dialog box, select "Manually configure server settings or other server types", click Next.

Fourth step: According to the type of e-mail, select services, this time add NetEase mailbox, so choose Internet E-mail, click Next.

Fifth step: Set up e-mail

① the user Information Bar to fill in your name and e-mail address.

The ② server Information Bar sets the receive, send mail server for the specified mailbox.

NetEase 126 Mailbox Receiving server

NetEase 163 mailbox Receiving server

Other mailboxes can generally be set by the same.

③ login information fill in the user name and password of the mailbox.

Fill in the correct and click "Other Settings" to enter the next step.

Sixth step: In the Pop-up dialog box to select Settings, where the sending mail server, the connection must confirm the settings, advanced can select settings on demand.

① Select Send Server, check my send server (SMTP) requirements authentication, and select "Use same settings as the incoming mail server";

② Select "Connection", according to the network type, choose the access mode;

③ on the Advanced tab, which focuses on the delivery option, if you want to keep the message in e-mail, you can choose to keep a copy of the message on the server, and if you need the following two items.

When all settings are complete, click OK to return to the Internet email settings interface.

Seventh Step: Click the test account settings to see if the account settings are correct.

From the image above, you can see that the e-mail settings are successful and click Next.

e-mail settings are successful and you can go to Outlook to check your messages.


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