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NetEase Network Disk Assistant is a good synchronization software, you can use the network Disk Assistant to make a local computer folder and NetEase Mailbox network folder to bind, become synchronized folder. After the binding is successful, the two Sync folders can be synchronized, whether adding files or modifying the contents of the file. Let's teach you how to use it.

  Create an Account

Enter your common NetEase mailbox account binding can be.

  Bind synchronization Folder

Select a local folder to synchronize with the Sync folder in the network disk. Once setup is complete, you can open the Sync folder on your local computer to operate.

  Switch Mailbox Account

You can right-click the Tray menu to select "Settings", in the "account" page to log off the current account, replacement for the remaining mailbox accounts.

  Synchronizing folder settings

Right-click the Tray menu "settings", you can select the Sync folder, after the success of the folder, all contents will be synchronized with the Web page end of the fixed synchronization folder.

  Pausing and resuming synchronization features

The network Tray Assistant implements automatic file synchronization. You can right-click the Tray menu to select pause/Resume Sync, or you can resume synchronization by right-clicking "Synchronize Now" in the Sync folder after you pause synchronization.

  File Sync Status Description

File is in sync

The file has been synchronized complete

File failed to sync due to network and so on, unable to upload

  General Settings

You can set the normal settings for whether the boot from boot, automatic login, etc.

  Network settings

You can configure whether to use proxies in your network settings, and to limit the speed at which files are uploaded and downloaded.

  Network disk Assistant and mailbox network disk File synchronization

After the installation of the network disk Assistant succeeds, you can easily select a local folder to synchronize with the Sync folder in the network disk. When you log in NetEase Mailbox Network Disk homepage, can find a network disk in a name "Ebox Sync Folder", as shown:

For example, you have installed NetEase Network assistant in the company's computer, put the working file in the local Sync folder, the file will also sync to the Mailbox Network Synchronization folder, no matter when and where, as long as you log in NetEase mailbox network disk, open Ebox Sync folder, you can download working files. Of course, if you want to sync the network disk files to the local, you just move the file to the Ebox Sync folder!

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