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The following are the reasons and solutions for the slow speed of the network:

First, the network itself problem

The destination Web site you want to connect to is on a server with insufficient bandwidth or too much load. The processing method is very simple, please change the time period to go up again or change a target website.

Second, network cable problems caused by slow speed

We know that twisted-pair wires are tightly twisted and together by four pairs of lines to reduce crosstalk and background noise. At the same time, only 1, 2 and 3, 64 lines of twisted pair are used in the T568A standard and the T568B standard, where 1, 2 are used for sending, 3, 6 is used for reception, and 1, 2 must come from a winding pair, 3, 6 must come from a revolve pair. Only in this way can the maximum avoid crosstalk and ensure data transmission.

In practice, I found that not according to the correct standard (T586A, t586b) The production of network cable, there are a lot of hidden dangers. The performance is: one kind of situation is when starts to use the network speed is very slow, the other kind of situation is starts the net speed to be normal, but after some time, the net speed slows down. The latter situation is evident on desktop computers, but the speed at which the computer is checked with a laptop is normal. For this problem I have been found for many years, due to not according to the correct standard made by the network cable caused by slow speed and the quality of the network card.

General desktop computer network card performance is not as good as notebook computer, therefore, in the use of the Exchange method to troubleshoot, the use of notebook computers to detect the normal speed of the network does not rule out the existence of the problem. We are now required to press T586A, t586b Standard to suppress the network cable, in the detection of faults can not be used to replace the desktop computer notebook computer.

Third, the network of a port to form a bottleneck resulting in slow speed

In fact, routers WAN and LAN ports, switch ports, hub ports, and server network cards can become network bottlenecks. When the speed is slow, we can use the network management software to view the data traffic of routers, switches and server ports during the peak period, and can also use the netstat command to count the data traffic of each port. This confirms the location of network data flow bottleneck and tries to increase its bandwidth. Many specific methods, such as replacing the server network card for 100M or 1000M, installing multiple network cards, dividing multiple VLANs, changing the router configuration to increase bandwidth, etc., can effectively alleviate the network bottleneck, can maximize the speed of data transmission.

Iv. operating system, virus problems

In addition to the line conditions mentioned above, there are also problems with the computer system. For example, the legendary killer caused the LAN to drop the line. This problem occurs in large areas all over the country, and the virus has an impact on the host agent and the Internet Bar (LAN) of the router agent. Legendary killer is a LAN for ARP spoofing, Virtual gateway address, to collect the local area network legendary game login information and analysis to get user information of the destructive software.

Workflow: First of all, the local MAC through ARP spoofing broadcast to the local area network, so that the workstation in the local area network is mistaken for the gateway. This process will cause the LAN to disconnect from the Internet connection and the game to the server. When the user restarts the game and makes an account login, The account information does not go directly to the proxy server via the gateway, but to the legendary killer software that is being ARP spoofed. Through the legendary killer's own decryption means, will obtain the account of the real user name and password. So as to achieve the purpose of stealing the player account. Seizure Status: The speed of the LAN and Internet link is suddenly slow or even disconnected. Network game disconnected link, and after landing prompted the server no corresponding.

It is recommended to first check the virus, if you have the ability to reinstall the system, such as the machine using a dual network card, uninstall a network card; It is recommended that the computer is not very familiar with the user do not install a variety of firewall software, incorrect settings will cause Internet instability. Some operating systems may have compatibility issues with ADSL-related components, so you can go to Microsoft to upgrade the system or repair the system. There are conditions to be able to reload. If the software is in conflict, try to find the conflict software, uninstall it or other methods to resolve it.

Five, firewall, ie browser settings are not correct

While ADSL is less likely to be attacked by hackers and viruses, it does not rule out the possibility, especially web viruses and worms. If the virus destroys the ADSL-related components, there will be a cut-off phenomenon. If you can determine the damage and attack by the virus, but also occurs when the cut-off phenomenon should check the installed firewall, the sharing of Internet Proxy Server software, Internet acceleration software, etc., stop running this kind of software, then the Internet test, see whether the speed back to normal. If the internet is not stable, you can try to turn off the firewall first, test the stability or not, in the appropriate settings. Another firewall or IE browser failure, can also cause the normal connection, but can not open the Web page.

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