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Whether on the LAN or the Internet, people also face another confusion: the computer on the network can only identify such as "" such as digital address, then why when we open the browser, in the address bar input such as "" After the domain name, you can see the page we need?

In fact, the above two problems, are just an IP address and domain name each other "translation" process. The former has to establish a domain name Mapping record that points to the corresponding IP address; for the latter, this record has been established and is in effect. The creation of this "translation" record requires that the same computer known as the "DNS server" be used.

DNS servers are used in TCP/IP networks (such as a general LAN or Internet) to locate computers and services by replacing difficult IP addresses (such as "") with user-friendly names, such as "". Therefore, as long as you need to use such as "" domain name, you have to first ensure that the name in the DNS server for the corresponding and IP address mapping work.

This article takes the Windows 2000 Advanced Server Edition (hereinafter referred to as Win2000) with its own DNS service as an example, step-by-step teaching you how to complete this "translation system" in the LAN to build work.

First, add DNS service

By default, the DNS service is not added after you install the Win2000. Open the Control Panel → add/Remove Programs → add/Remove Windows components, and then in the Components list, double-click Network Services, and then check the "DNS Server" item below, and then press OK.

The goal of this article

1, assuming that this machine has a "" IP address, now want to let it and "", "" and "" corresponding to three domain names.

2, assuming that the machine also has such as "" and "" IP address, but also want them to "" and "" corresponding to two domain names.

III. implementation of Goal 1

1. First make sure that the DNS service is installed on this machine, you can open the DNS console manager ("DNS Manager") by selecting "Start → program → administrative tool →dns".

2, the establishment of "" area

(1) In DNS Manager, right-click on "Server" (this server name) and select "New Zone" to enter the new Zone Wizard.

(2) When the wizard prompts you to select the area type, you should choose standard primary area, and in the forward or reverse lookup zone, select Forward lookup zone, and then click Next to continue after each step.

(3) The system will then ask "area name", enter "" in the text box after the name, then the wizard goes to the zone File Prompt window, and by default the system automatically selects the "Create new file with file name" and automatically fills in the following text box. "(The" "section is the name of the" zone name "entered in the previous step).

(4) After selecting its default items according to the system prompts, the establishment of this area can be completed. The area is visible in the server→ lookup zone in the tree column on the left side of DNS manager.

3, then in the "" area Right-click, select "New Host", in the dialog box after the name of the host name "www", "IP address" input IP address "", and then click the "Add Host" button, The host address record "" was successfully created, and you can return to DNS Manager by selecting finish in the new host window.

4, and then in the "" area, click the right button, select "New alias" and enter "FTP" in the dialog box that follows, enter "" in the fully qualified name of the target host (or use "Browse" to select gradually), and finally "OK" You can create a "" named "FTP." Alias record for ".

5, and the previous step similar to the "" to create a "" alias record, the only difference is that it is established when the "name" column does not fill, remain empty!

6. When all of the above records are established, you can see the associated DNS Mapping record table in DNS Manager. If you check the "Advanced" item in the View menu, the "type" item in the table will be changed to its English name (such as "a") by the Chinese name (such as "host").

7, the rest of the work is to test the effectiveness of the work! At the Windows 2000 command prompt (select "cmd" after "Start → run" and press "OK" button to enter) use the "ping" format to go to the one by one test, if the domain name "", " "and" "can show the connection of the four lines, such as" Reply from time<10ms ttl=128 "response, then congratulations on your success!

Iv. implementation of Goal 2

1, first of "" as the "area" as described in the previous method, and then set up the "www" "host", its IP address to "" can be.

2. Then the "" as the "region" after the establishment of the "Nanshan" under its "host", its IP address to "" can be.

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