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Students dormitory necessary LAN testing tools, we set up a dormitory in the dormitory network: A: Some games need TCP/IP protocol support, some need IPX protocol support, LAN connectivity testing tools are necessary to form a dormitory network, everyone in the search for the establishment of the dormitory network keyword, is to understand the LAN connectivity test tool to build a dormitory network necessary problems. Build dormitory Network related knowledge: It is often used to detect whether the computer can connect: Its command format is: Ping destination address [parameter 1][parameter 2] ... The destination address refers to the IP address or domain name of the computer being tested or the computer name. The main parameters are:

A: Resolve the host address;

N: Data: The number of test packets emitted, the default value is 4;

L: Value: The size of the sent buffer;

T: Continue the ping command until the user presses CTRL + C to terminate.

Ipconfig, typically used to view information such as native IP addresses:

Its command format is: ipconfig[/parameter 1][/parameter 2] ...

A11: Displays all the details related to the TCP/IP protocol, including host name, node type, whether IP routing is enabled, the physical address of the network card, the default gateway, etc.

batch[text file]: The result of the test is stored in the specified text file for easy viewing;

Renew: If your computer enables DHCP and uses a DHCP server to obtain configuration, start refreshing the lease using the Ipconfig/renew command.

Build dormitory Network related knowledge There is also a command similar to ipconfig, winipcfg, which runs in Windows and has a graphical interface. Netstat, command display protocol statistics and current TCP/IP connection: Its command format is: netstat[-parameter 1][-parameter 2]

The-a command displays all connections;

-r Displays routing tables and active connections;

The-e command displays Ethernet statistics;

-S displays statistical information for each protocol;

-N, you cannot convert addresses and port numbers to names.

Building dormitory Network related knowledge nbtstat is a useful tool for solving NetBIOS name resolution problems, you can use the nbtstat command to delete or correct preloaded items: Its command format is: nbtstat[-parameter 1][-parameter 2] ...

-n displays names that are registered locally on the system by programs such as the server or redirector;

-C Displays the NetBIOS name cache, containing the name of the other computer to address mapping;

-R clears the name cache and reloads it from the Lmhosts file;

-RR releases the NetBIOS names registered on the WINS server, and then refreshes their registrations;

-aname performs a NetBIOS adapter status command on the computer specified by name. The adapter Status command returns the local NetBIOS name table for the computer and the media access control address of the adapter;

-s lists the current NetBIOS session and its status (including statistics).

Build dormitory Network related knowledge Q: Two computers, operating systems are Windows98, why do not see each other in the online neighborhood? A: Like this, you need to take a holistic view of the problems that may arise in the following ways. 1. Check that the NIC driver is properly installed? 2. Is the TCP/IP and NetBEUI protocol installed? is the 3.ip address on the same network segment? 4. Does the Working group have the same? 5. Is there a file share? 6. Is there any fault in the network line?

Build dormitory Network related knowledge Q: Two computers, one for Windows98, the other for Windows2000, why Windows2000 computers can access Windows98 resources, and Windows98 can not Access 2000? I have set up the share under 2000. A:2000 can access 98, can explain the agreement, workgroup, network cable is no problem, you only need to 2000 account management for 98 new open an account can, then you use this account log in 98, see, everything is done.

Build dormitory Network related knowledge Q: With Sygate as agent, why my workstation has been unable to connect to the Internet? A: First you have to make sure that your server side has installed the Sygate software correctly, then you need to specify the gateway on the workstation to install the Sygate host IP, and set the DNS, the specific operation can refer to the Sygate tutorial.

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