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As long as you are not an idiot, the boss of every small individual business organization is eager to have more people to know their own products. Generally, they want to use network resources to promote their own products, as a result, a variety of network marketing methods were created. Due to my long-term deep research in the software training field, I naturally pay attention to and analyze various promotion methods on the Internet by my peers for a long time, I also learned some online marketing methods from them, and now they are all made public. All of them add some insights to netizens and enrich their life experience. If these disclosures accidentally touch the interests of some people, please speak out and pay more attention to them. If you have an online marketing expert, please give me more advice and add more network marketing secrets to everyone. Since the lives of netizens are inseparable from the Internet, understanding these online marketing methods may help our lives at any time, for example, I used to look for a well-known hospital on the Internet for medical treatment. I found that the marketing methods of private hospitals on the Internet are very similar to those of software training institutions I know, therefore, they were not misled by rumors, tempted by nurseries, or "marketed ".
In order to help you quickly and better understand what I express, I have classified and summarized my network marketing methods, which are divided into three types: positive publicity, secretly crack down on competitors and conceal negative news.
(1) publicize yourself positively
The most basic and simple way to advertise on the Internet is to publish messages to some familiar forums and second-hand trading markets. This advertisement has the worst effect and will soon be deleted by the forum administrator, there won't be many people looking at such advertisements. Even if someone looks at them, they won't be impressed. As a matter of fact, after many bosses hire people to send an advertisement for psoriasis, they will not be able to hold on for a long time. This method requires a lot of effort and less output! When I started the training class in the early days, I mainly used this method. Now I have a new training program and I will arrange some people to do this for a while at the beginning, good products must also be widely advertised. After all, if you pay more, you will have more hopes.

A slightly more advanced way of network promotion is to answer questions in the form of support, the publicity effect of this method has a lot to do with the writer's writing and controlling the customer's psychology and rich life experiences. At the same time, it must be a very diligent task, A single question should be answered in various aspects by impersonating various roles with multiple tokens, and a irrelevant criticism should be carried out among the ten comments to make the customer more confident. My understanding of this is because I often pay attention to some forums. I learned how to see some excellent colleagues constantly doing so. I can't do this kind of thing for anyone who is impatient and doesn't like to turn around, but who advocates opening a door through technical PK. Although I know that I can do this and want to do it, however, I am too lazy to do this in a sneaky way. Therefore, I have never done this myself, but I do not guarantee that my colleagues in the marketing department of our company have not tried this occasionally. When I saw some of our admired competitors using this method, I knew exactly what was actually going on and saw that these fake things really kept some students away, it has produced good publicity and sales results, but I am too lazy to do so, so I can directly blame others for being too fake, but the results are always under public opinion, children Care always says that I am narrow-minded, with red eyes and other people. If I can't eat grapes, I will say that the grapes are sour, and the busy netizens will also feel like this. So, when people are in the dark, I will debate in the bright place, naturally, they will suffer losses. In short, a person who can use this marketing method is either a boss-level person with great patience and perseverance or a professional online marketing company, you can do it without just arranging a person.

There is also a more savvy propaganda method, that is, the huge amount of money. I was very famous on the internet seven years ago, and some of the rising stars used my fame and influence to promote myself, I intentionally asked everywhere, "which is the best video tutorial for Zhang Xiaoxiang and another famous person? ", Then someone answered below: "I saw XXX newcomers. That's the best, how is it, and how is it ". When I saw such a post, I did not expect it to be a marketing method of others. I thought it was really a normal communication between some netizens in the Forum, it is also normal for new people to go beyond me. "netizens" may be talking about the actual situation, so they did not think much or care much about it. However, there were a lot of such comments. After a long time, new XXX people were quickly promoted. I was quickly overwhelmed by a large number of similar public opinions and became a stepping stone for new XXX people. Later, I got some advice from someone else, saying that such a post and answer was actually sent by a new XXX employee. Then I suddenly realized it!

I think these positive online marketing methods are justified, and I should even admire and appreciate some of them. In order to give everyone a better understanding of the way they promote themselves, it is necessary to give a specific case to illustrate. In order to avoid unnecessary quarrels, I use a closed Java training institution as an example. You can search for "San siyuan" on Baidu's website. The URL is as follows:
Http:// WORD = % Ca % a5 % CB % BC % D4 % B0 & Ct = 17 & Pn = 0 & Tn = ikaslist & Rn = 10 & lm = 0 & Fr = search
If you are interested, you can analyze how many of the questions are raised by your own people, and then you can understand everything.

(2) secretly cracking down on competitors
Malls, such as battlefields, are often used to slander and slander threatening competitors and create stories that are unfavorable to competitors. The most famous cases are Mengniu's slander of erie and luhua's slander of the golden dragon fish. I am also a victim of this kind. competitors have fabricated various bad stories for me to spread rumors against me, there are also nose and eye-catching, and a number of blog posts are specially opened to repost all the articles that slander me. People can see it and blow up their lungs. In this case, I also jumped out and held a debate with the vest of the slander. The more I argue, the more I argue, the greater the negative impact on me, I failed to report the case several times because the procedures were too cumbersome and I couldn't get the cooperation of the relevant part. In the end, I had to let those websites Delete these slander posts to reduce the negative impact. I was really inexperienced in the early days. I was still dumpfounded about the slander posts, thinking that I was not afraid of shadows. They told me, what should I do? The results caused a lot of harm to me. Later, some new friends told me that they suspected my personal conduct before I officially interacted with me for a long time, when they interact with me, They will search for me on the internet and find negative things, which makes a bad impression on me, I learned that I am not that kind of person only after I have been in touch with and worked with me. With their suggestions and advice, I realized how bad these rumor articles have caused me. I started to complain about these articles. The debate on such slander is of little significance. Ordinary people generally cannot distinguish between right and wrong, because they often adopt an attitude of "Trust and trust, trust, and trust, therefore, the best way is to clear these rumors as soon as possible, otherwise it can mislead many consumers.

In addition to slander, I also learned a way to combat competitors, that is, constantly complaining about the promotional materials released by competitors. For example, the PHP training market is currently very popular, chuanzhi podcast has also recently started to enter the PHP training field. Many PHP training institutions have already done their respective jobs, and the Eight Immortals have crossed the sea to show their unique advantages. Generally, the PHP training fee for training institutions is about 3800 yuan. However, in order to quickly open the market and expand the influence, the training fee for PHP is set to be very low, which is only yuan, the lecturer was also chosen by Chuanzhi podcast in many excellent PHP teachers, and joined in the form of partners. In order to publicize the news of PHP training, Chuanzhi podcast will also organize people to post on Baidu Zhizhi. As a result, some PHP training institutions are even panic, they regarded the PHP training of Chuanzhi podcast as a dingtalk, complained to Baidu about these billboards, and complained about the results of our staff who worked so hard for several days and nights, it was killed by them. You can now search for "php training". Whether it is a question or a response, you can complain to Baidu as long as you see it is an advertisement publicity post. These posters will be deleted. Especially for companies engaged in "php training", if you do not know this method before, you may have been considered by your peers so secretly. You can try this method now.

(3) conceal negative messages
Because there are a lot of slander on the Internet, as long as complaints are made, websites will usually delete those negative articles, which gives countless training institutions with misdeeds and frauds the opportunity to take advantage, after being revealed by victims on the Internet, they will also actively complain and delete these negative articles, even software training companies that many trainees call as "scammers" can survive because they actively control public opinions on the Internet and create favorable stories, delete negative comments, such as true or false, so that consumers cannot identify the real or false.
Some of the negative news from training institutions was cracked by reporters and published by editors of some well-known websites, training institutions generally do not have the energy to delete the negative news reports of such large websites, or have been reposted too much, they simply cannot delete them, so they thought of a method to confuse the water, they randomly find out some messy articles on the Internet, and then embed many articles with their own negative keywords in these articles. The content of these articles has nothing to do with these keywords, A few negative articles related to these keywords are drowned in these messy articles. When netizens search for these negative keywords through the search engine, all I see are those articles that have nothing to do with this, but it is hard to see those articles that have real negative reports.
Some organizations have repeatedly revealed their bad deeds in the Baidu Post Bar and other places of interest of some persistent customers. These customers persistently post posts, the posts are deleted, deleted, and published, and there is a time difference between posting and deleting. During this period, the evil behaviors it exposes will still be seen by many others. As a result, these organizations have come up with new tricks and published a large number of articles on their own in their Baidu posts. Most people can see that they wrote their own articles, why are they sending so much? This is the top post, which puts a negative post that is very bad to you and describes all of it based on facts to the top. Although the users generally see those posts that are all singing and singing, it feels a little strange, however, as long as you don't see the negative post, you may still be confused.
I cannot give an example of this kind of thing that masks my own negative news because it is sensitive and such a training institution is still living well.

In short, network marketing is a treasure. I am not the developer of a new online application. I know more about many new online promotion methods than most of my peers, I learned that "Baidu Knows" can be used for publicity at the beginning of 08. At that time, my peers had used "Baidu Knows" for several years, in addition, "Baidu Knows", the trainees who care about my life-related attacks tell me, or else I have been in the dark. The above network promotion experience and techniques have been learned from my peers. Because I have been immersed in the software training industry for a long time, it is impossible to ignore all kinds of things in this industry for a long time, naturally, I learned one and a half tricks. The most important thing for a company to grow and grow is the product quality itself, which is not achieved through the use of various network promotion means. However, network promotion is also very important, the heart of the victim cannot be possessed, and the heart of the Defender cannot be lost. in critical cases, you must also use some network propaganda techniques to protect yourself and use your own path to protect your body! In the face of attacks from others, even if we do not do anything to slander, we must at least expose the bad stories of the other party.

As a person in the training industry, I often pay attention to the situation of some major training institutions. In this way, I have the opportunity to get in touch with and understand what the average person does not know about network marketing. With such understanding and experience, it will help us identify things on the Internet in the future. For example, if many people suffer from hemorrhoids, where can we treat this disease? A lot of people think of searching through Baidu. It doesn't matter if you don't search. It's time to search. You may as well try it now. After a search, you can find a large number of hospital promotion advertisements. Needless to say, all these advertisements promote private hospitals for the purpose of making money. Only public hospitals are too lazy to advertise! It is often said that the high prices of private hospitals are very high, and they do not dare to trust them. However, some old experts make extra profits and their attitude is enthusiastic. However, they are not good at public hospitals, it is very difficult to get an expert number, and it is not worth looking at it. If you can find Patient experts in private hospitals, it doesn't matter if you spend more money. But which of the following is the best choice for so many private hospitals? These private hospitals all say they are the most professional. websites are also more attractive than others, not in this industry. They really cannot tell who is better or worse! Then one by one to search for these candidates related articles and patient evaluation, see the Armed Police Beijing Corps Second Hospital ( in advertising, the army hospital may be formal, although they say they are State-owned, they must lie to the layman. Only state-owned companies do not take the initiative to advertise, that is, they do private work under the guise of State-owned companies, it doesn't matter to me. Search for the hospital information. You can find many articles by searching "How about the anorectal department of the Second Hospital of the armed police corps in Beijing" or "the anorectal fraud of the Second Hospital of the armed police corps in Beijing:
The previous pages are all written by the hospital itself. They belong to the propaganda nature. I will not list them one by one. The purpose is to overwhelm the negative;
There is competition in the next few pages for handwriting, which is a slander;
Http:// Groupid = 36792 & ArticleID = 9403caab3e21b0fc842ad0090b343a7b
The above article is very professional and careful, and is reproduced everywhere on the Internet. It can indeed hide some people.
The above article made me more skeptical about the malicious behavior of competitors, because the blogger has also exposed other similar hospitals. Finally, I searched all these private hospitals that were promoted in Baidu. I saw that almost all these famous hospitals were stealing a name named "erlong Road Hospital, or, I always thought about the relationship with this hospital, and found the best and regular professional hospital-"erlong Road Hospital". After the actual experience, I felt very good.

Because the information on the network is true or false, both positive comments and negative reports may be false, we need to study and analyze the information on the Network very carefully and in many ways, in order to filter out those reliable messages, the best way is to visit the site for consultation. If you want to pay for anything you boast about, you must be vigilant. Otherwise, we may end up spending money to get angry.


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