Networking determines success or failure. A chairman gives 18 pieces of advice to College Students

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I. Life planning: the choice of three forks

Without detours, It is a shortcut ...... Shi tu, business, and academic. What are you going to do at the crossroads of life ...... Instead of competing for five positions with one hundred people, it is better to compete for one position with one person ...... The academic spirit should naturally be at a sufficient distance from the noisy and noisy ...... Malls do not fear any myth. You may be the next legend ......

Before departure, I want to know whether it is "King food" or "be the boss ".

Zhu Yuanzhang initially wanted to be a performance teacher, but eventually he became an emperor. If his initial goal was to own a workshop, maybe he could only become a giant merchant in the end.
Even he may have nothing to do, because people suitable for the emperor may not be suitable for businessmen. What will happen at the crossroads of life? Only when a businessman is required to do business can he consider which industry to do business in, and only when he decides to do academic work can he better consider which professional field he will continue to develop... [full text]

2. What do I do when I go to college?

The main difference between college students and non-college students is definitely not whether they have mastered a professional skill ...... A person who insists on wrong ideas after independent thinking is more trustworthy than a person who accepts correct ideas without thinking ...... Caomu can grow on campus year after year, but we are destined to be replaced by another group of people soon ...... Although each time the net arrives at the fish is just a mesh, to catch the fish, you must weave a net ......

3. No hot or cold majors, no high or low schools

No employer will think that you represent your school or your major ...... Since it is probability, there is more than one possibility ...... If you choose academics, the unpopular majors are easier to achieve than popular majors ...... Cross-specialty has almost already become a popular fashion ...... The competition for strength between universities is so insignificant in the test room and Talent Market ......
Does the choice of major or school affect employment?
Little influence, depending on personal ability;
Has certain impact;
Great impact;

4. One business cannot be specialized, and one business cannot be unique

A thousand tricks, not like a good trick ...... Ten percent is not a hundred percent, but zero ...... In this real society, realizing personal value is the most decent, faceless, and dignified thing ...... The best way to know what to learn is to pay attention to recruitment information ...... Because many professionals do not have the expertise to be effective, they have become the topic of killing the dragon ...... Why not apply the "buy one get one" Sales Promotion thinking to the job application process ......

5. Students who do not skip classes are not good students

It's no different from skipping any course ...... The key to going to college is to learn how to think about problems ...... It's okay to skip the course, but do not skip the wrong course ...... The English corner is definitely not a place to learn English ...... If I lose my major in English, I will give it away ...... Recruitment units use talent, not training talent ...... You must skip the course and ask the teacher to give a high score ......

Networking determines success or failure. A chairman gives 18 pieces of advice to College Students
What kind of students do you belong?
Class skipping and school skipping;
Skip course;
Do not skip course or skip school;
Hard to say;
Do you support the idea that students who do not skip classes are not good students?
No. Students should not skip classes;
Hard to say;

6. work-study Dialectics

For poor students, the first thing to do is not to make money, but to save money ...... Most girls use computers as DVD players, while most boys use computers as game consoles ...... In a time when hybriddb can be forged at will, what else can be easily believed ...... Attitude determines everything ...... When the study level drops to a secondary level, college students can only say that they are part-time students ......

7. Do things better than be human. Networking determines success or failure.

Learn to say hello, do better ...... If you can speak, you will be able to spend less than thirty years of struggle ...... The amount of money a person has is not the ownership of the money he owns, but the use of the money he owns ...... 12.5% of the money a person makes depends on his own knowledge, and 87.5% of the money is from contacts ...... I used to make money by my major before I was thirty, and I used my personal network to make money after I was thirty ...... You and anyone in the world are separated by four people ......

8. Internet: the sword of Yi tianjian and damaklis

It took two hours to write a seamless graduation thesis ...... Start-ups in the Internet industry have low technical barriers. The key is the market vision and marketing capability ...... Dancing and dancing is already red, while Yan zicai continues to have close contact with other girls again and again ...... Many college students spread across the north and south of the motherland, but they never volunteered to say: Hello, can we have a chat ......

9. Love: The discount must be

Love is not expected, can expect, but cannot make ...... The more lonely, the more vigilant love ...... Since being single is shameful, should Simon Qing be named as the Top Ten Outstanding Young People in the Song Dynasty ...... The flowers must be folded to defeat the fallen branches ...... A person with 10 thousand yuan spent one hundred yuan, and you only accounted for 1% of him; and a person with only 10 yuan spent 10 yuan, you become all of them ......

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Networking determines success or failure. A chairman gives 18 pieces of advice to College Students

10. Postgraduate Entrance Exam: painful euthanasia

Nothing is more failed than wasting your youth ...... The expansion speed of graduate students is 30%, which means that the depreciation speed of the master's degree is 30% ...... By making three years of effort, you can increase the value of E1 by 1, increase the value of E2 by 2, or even by 3 ...... Reading a Master's degree or PhD is not equal to a stronger job ability ...... Would you not hesitate to invest in graduate students at 0.1354 million of the cost ...... If you work hard, there will be results, but not necessarily good results ......

11. Sex: God is dead, and the gods are falling

Love to say, love to do ...... I feel happy only when I have a physical impact. After that, it will be more lonely, more empty ...... Why do we make others' vanity a harm to ourselves ...... When she was lying mechanically in bed, she opened her legs and her parents were looking forward to her daughter's future ...... In the spring of the year, the flowers were lost ......

12. Study Abroad: "turtles" and "kelp"

A job with a monthly salary of 2500 Yuan attracted three "returnee" masters to compete ...... For some majors, studying in the United States is no different from studying in Ethiopia ...... Since companies all over the world want to share cake in the Chinese market, why do Chinese people want to study abroad and work for foreigners ......

13. Non-Unified recruitment

She has set several records in China's information industry. She is called China's "working Queen ". She is just a self-taught college student ...... If you want to win back what you have lost, you must make up your efforts to pay less than others ...... Non-Integrated enrollment requires not only some strength, but also some skills, so as to achieve the best of your strengths and circumvent weaknesses ...... The road is under your feet. Good, good ......

14. Graduation: Ten-sided ambush traps

Why should you treat yourself as a child if your alma mater does not treat yourself as a mother ...... The tutorial class is just about spending money to make things happen ...... The Talent Market is a land mine ...... There are no mistakes in finding a job in a variety of ways, but never get hungry ...... As long as the employer asks you to pay, you can turn around and leave ...... This year, I believe that the words are still not enough, let alone a verbal agreement ......
Networking determines success or failure. A chairman gives 18 pieces of advice to College Students

15. Job Search: Be Honest

Your resume must highlight your core competitiveness ...... When you are seeking a job, you don't have to say something like Yan Shouyi "...... It is not difficult for a person to say false things. What is difficult is to say that the true things are in the end, and there is no such thing as a broken line ...... When entering your own expertise, be sure to make it as detailed as possible ...... You only need to use an A4 paper to make a form ...... In fact, there are regular interviews. You only need to back up the standard answer during each interview ......

Additional reading: Excerpt from the standard answer for job search

"We need to work overtime, can you ?"

Standard answer: "Of course you can. In today's society, we advocate high efficiency and overtime. I can accept overtime !"... [Full text]

16. riding a horse that can find a horse

The standard distance between the two rails of the American railway is 4 feet, 8.5 inch. Why? Because the width between the hips of the two horses is 4 feet, 8.5 inch ...... Spam is the person with the wrong location ...... The biggest tragedy in the world is that too many young people have never found out what they really want to do ...... Small and medium enterprises may be able to exercise more ...... Starting from the grassroots doesn't mean you can start from every position at the grassroots level ...... To be "Qian tu" and to be more promising ......

17. office politics: required courses for white-collar workers

Big companies are people, small companies are doing things ...... Whether or not employees can be promoted is not due to hard work, but to the appreciation of the boss ...... Company Affairs and secrets are always more complex and profound than you think ...... It is not necessary to be confused when appropriate, and it is wise ...... Think of your colleagues as a group of strangers who can name them ......

18. Entrepreneurship: a millionaire before the age of 29

Skinny camels are larger than horses ...... Ele. Me, ELE. Me, timid ...... It is no longer "big fish eat small fish", but "Fast fish eat slow fish "...... Grasping the trend is the most important capability of an entrepreneur ...... There is little space for graduates in the high-tech industry ...... Speed is not up. It is necessary to accumulate experience by working for others before starting a business ...... The market is always more important than the product ...... What should I do if I don't have enough money? First, watching food for dinner; second, taking a chicken eggs ......

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