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"A comfortable, intuitive working environment makes Macromedia Fireworks MX an ideal tool for easy learning and quick use," Macromedia said, "Its new interface is better organized and more reasonable, and other Macromedia MX The members of the studio coincide. Then let's look at what has been improved.

Enhanced Face Edition management

Improved scalable face version, when you need to use it can be displayed, do not need to hide to display only the title of the face plate. In addition, you can configure the surface version of the combination, when needed to show them or hidden. This feature is clearly common to all MX software.

Property Surface Edition

The property panel, which displays the relevant parameters for the user to adjust as the current object is different, does not need to be able to set the parameters in the same way as in the previous version, depending on the current state.

non-modal bitmap and vector editing

The previous version of bitmap edit mode and vector edit mode switch is no longer available, instead, when you select an object or tool, the software automatically determines the appropriate editing mode and switches the past. I tried it, if you choose the bitmap Editing tool in vector edit mode, the mouse will become a "fork" icon, which prompts you not to use it, otherwise it is advisable.

Tool Surface Version

The new tool panel arranges different types of tools, including selection tools (select), Bitmap Tools (Bitmap), vector tools (vectors), Network Tools (WEB), color Tools (Colors), view tools, This makes it easier for users to choose the right tools to use.

Quick Output button

You can output the already created graphics to a variety of other formats, even including some adobe and Microsoft Network production product format, or quickly start another Macromedia software to help create, in the menu we can see, in addition to the Three Musketeers, The MX version of Freehand and director is also about to be launched.

Text on screen

This is a text-editing method from Photoshop 6.0, which saves the previous text editor (text Editor) and allows you to enter text directly on the screen, and all previous changes to text-related modifications were placed in the property palette to adjust.

Quantified Scaling Tool

Displays a specific magnification or reduction at the bottom of the file file. (This function looks like a previous version?) )

Windows XP and Macintosh OS x support

Supports the latest Windows XP and Macintosh OS X operating systems.

XHTML Output

The latest XHTML code can be exported for use by Dreamweaver MX.

answer face version

MX series software in the new version, in fact, is an online support function, as long as you can easily access the Internet on Macromedia's website to find relevant information and the latest documents. (provided a few links, I can't find it myself?) )

spelling checker

Functions like Word are not very useful, especially for Chinese.

Kua platform font sharing

When you pass a picture to another team member or customer, there is no need to worry about the problem that is not displayed correctly because of the font, which is a good new feature.

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