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Thanks to the support of a large number of Excel Home members and Excel fans, this site launched 15 sets of video tutorials in 2007, the total number of downloads from this site has exceeded 5 million, while the number of downloads and viewers from other sites or online video sites is even more numerous.


When we welcome the release of the new 2008 series of essence books, we will launch 45 new essence video guidance tutorials for free viewing or downloading to thank you for your long-term support and help. The total duration of this series of video tutorials is more than 900 minutes, all of which are created by the Moderator of this site (new author) and included in the new matching CD.



The following table lists all the content.

Essence of Excel data processing and analysis techniques A01-power of Automatic Filling
A02-workbook Data Security Maintenance
A03-query databases in Excel
A04-flexible data region Conversion
A05-data effectiveness skills
A06-data filtering skills
A07-Pivot Table skills
A08-solving with single variables in charts
A09-solving the same cage of chickens, rabbits, and rabbits in a simulated cage table
A10-planning, solving, and computing
A11-Planning and solving the traveling salesman problem in computing
A12-Application of trend lines in predictive analysis


















General skills of B01-Excel formulas in Excel functions and formulas
One of B02-Excel function query technologies
2) B03-Excel function Query Technology
One of interesting applications of B04-Excel Functions
Interesting application of B05-Excel Functions
Application of B06-Excel macro table function
B07-Excel Text Functions
B08-Excel date functions
B09-one of the Excel Pivot table functions
B10-Excel pivot function 2
B11-DIY Document Management System Using Functions















Excel chart practical skills C01-fun chart data series
C02-advanced pie chart Creation
C03-event map and ladder chart
C04-Create Gantt chart and step chart
C05-one of interactive charts
C06-interactive Chart 2
C07-Excel Charts
C08-out of the misunderstanding of chart making "Excel VBA practical skills essence" D01-Excel VBA code debugging skills
D02-flexible Shape Control Using VBA
D03-create a workbook with the suicide Function
D04-create and apply an Excel macro
D05-one of the ADO application skills in Excel VBA
D06-ADO Application Skills 2 in Excel VBA
D07-use a class in VBA to create a control array
D08-Input Gradually prompt the realization of information "Word practical skills essence" automation in E01-Word
Alignment techniques in E02-Word typographical
Macro and VBA of E03-Word
E04-Word advanced lookup replacement
E05-Email merging with photos
E06-active Word TableThe playback prompt after the clear version is downloaded:

This series of video tutorials are in the WMV format. Use a player that supports this format to play the downloaded tutorial.

We recommend that you use the following player software for the best viewing experience:

* Microsoft Media Player 10
* Microsoft Media Player 11
* Media Player Classic
* KMPlayer









Because the video tutorials provided this time are rich in content and the total volume is also very large, we sincerely ask you:

1. If you use BT \ Emule \ thunder for download, please try your best to help us continue with the download to take care of other members who need to download.
2. If you have any requirements, please provide more image download points. We will thank you for your help with points or forum medals.
3. If you like our tutorials, post comments after watching them and share them with more friends through the "my shares" activity!


List (select the line that suits you, and download faster during off-peak hours ):


Video series name Total Capacity BT download Donkey Http Netcom Http Telecom
Essence of practical Excel data processing and analysis skills 221 MB Download Download Download Download
Essence of Excel functions and formulas 233 MB Download Download Download Download
Practical Skills of Excel Charts 184 MB Download Download Download Download
Essence of Excel VBA Practical Skills 156 MB Download Download Download Download
Essence of Word Practical Skills 156 MB Download Download Download Download


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