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In the latest year, Merchants always try their best to release products that are hard to sell. Therefore, we will find that some sellers will hold some clearance activities on the eve of the Spring Festival. In fact, the practice of low-price clearance is a good way for consumers and sellers. This promotion not only reduces the pressure on sellers to store goods, but also enables consumers to buy products at a low price. However, behind these low-price promotions, there are a lot of tricks hidden. For example, Some sellers sell some problematic products to users by taking advantage of the fact that consumers do not know much about the market, some sellers take advantage of the opportunity to obtain unreasonable profits.
Since the eve of the Spring Festival is the highest peak of sales promotion for sellers and the climax of consumer purchases, there are inevitably some unknown things in the market. In order to prevent consumers from falling into the trap of illegal businesses, we specifically list some precautions for purchasing machines during the Spring Festival. Although these cases have long been commonplace, it is necessary for consumers who do not understand the market to pay more attention to these details.

Today's DIY installation market is already in the era of meager profit. It is not a fantasy to maintain a profit of only 5% on a computer. In such an era of low profits, we should not only prevent illegal businesses, but also think about the situation of most businesses. After all, no one can make money in the business. If the price is reasonable and the service of sellers can satisfy consumers, why are you so excited for some minor benefits?

Many unwritten rules (commonly known as Rules) in the Computer City are unknown to consumers. For example, many merchants have agreed to sell the old backlog of products and sample products before the Spring Festival. There are actually many sources of these backlog products. Let's simply talk about the main types of products that have been accumulated by sellers, the gifts returned by agents, and the problematic products returned by consumers. Speaking of this, do not think that these products are second-hand accessories, because some products have not been used, their biggest problem is that the warranty time is shortened.

The biggest feature of these products is the large number of tags, which often mask the warranty tags of other businesses. If you find that all kinds of labels are printed on the product you purchased, and the labels are stacked together, the product is likely to be a backlog of goods at the end of the year.

Most of the accumulated pressure products appear in small accessories with poor timeliness, such as some non-mainstream CPU products, some old models of memory and hard disks. If you want to buy these products, you must pay attention to the warranty label. If there are a large number of tags, it would be nice to buy fewer products.

During the month before the Spring Festival, similar merchants in the Computer City won't take the goods by signing orders at ordinary times, because the ticket run events often occur before and after the Spring Festival (Note: A computer city in Guangzhou, recently, a ticket was run for a merchant, involving about 0.2 million of the total amount ). In order to avoid unnecessary losses, merchants use cash checkout for transactions. For consumers, transactions between sellers naturally do not require excessive attention, but we should not forget that in the event of a business order, the victims are not only sellers, but also consumers.

In order to avoid being a victim, consumers should reasonably compare the three items when buying accessories (especially expensive products) before the Spring Festival. If a counter offers a very low price, you have to keep an eye on it. This is because sellers at this counter are likely to disappear from the market after the Spring Festival, and the bargains in your hands may become products without warranty.

In order to avoid being fooled, consumers who are not familiar with the market still need to find some well-known sellers for transactions, so they do not need to save money or make mistakes. After all, computer products are consumable, and the probability of output is much higher than that of household appliances. June disappeared. during the weekend, many people in the Computer City always walked around with their chassis.

Due to the fierce competition in the current market, manufacturers like to sell their products in the form of gifts and suits. Some wealthy manufacturers offer valuable gifts to consumers. When the manufacturers frequently send gifts, we find that some sellers are willing to deduct the gifts. The gifts originally belonging to consumers are swallowed up by sellers. Although on the surface, consumers seem to have little to lose, they actually lie to sellers. Some merchants once said, "consumers don't know these things, and we don't care about them ".

Do not think of this trick as a small thing, because many sellers will attract consumers to buy these gifts at a low price. The reason why sellers do this is nothing more than strive for higher profits. After all, the original free gifts are naturally better than costly products after being converted into commodities. To avoid product deduction by sellers, it is very important to know more about the market information before purchasing the product (especially when the manufacturer launches the limited edition product, because the gifts from these limited products are often deducted by sellers ).

many vendors held promotions before the festival, which often provide sellers with the opportunity to slaughter people. If you do not want to slaughter sellers, you should pay more attention to the 45it report.

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