New MAC Installation Guide (general article) (Recommended settings, software installation, recommended software)

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Recommended settings

In general, MAC systems do not need to make any special settings, but the following suggestions are helpful for forcing the promotion.

1. Set the language to English

Because many of the software and system settings are more uniform in English, it makes good use of the powerful search features built into the MAC.

System Preferences Search Demo:

Help Search Demo:

2. Open Hot Corners

A MAC system can customize an event to trigger a preset system action when the mouse is moved to the four corners of the screen. This setting allows you to perform an action very quickly (even faster than the keyboard), and the following shows how to set the lower-left corner of the screen to a screensaver. When you need to leave your seat, simply swipe the mouse (or touch trackpad) to the lower-left corner of the screen to turn on the screensaver feature.

Then set the corresponding lock screen delay time in the privacy permission, ensure that the MAC needs to enter the login password to use when waking up.

3. Set the right mouse button

Using the mouse under the MAC system, the default is left without the right button, you need to turn it on in system Preferences.

In the case of the MacBook series, it is recommended to set the touch tap under Trackpad and then tap it (without having to press it completely) to complete the Click event. It is also recommended to set a two-finger touch when responding to the right mouse button menu.

Other Settings 1, the MacBook to open three-finger drag and Drop window

Operating the Mac window does not have to be as discreet as using a Windows system as an axe to the patient on the operating table.

    • Scrolls the window. Just move your mouse to any location in the appropriate application window ( never move to the top of the right scroll bar!). This is very 圡!! ), scroll the mouse wheel (Magic Mouse more natural, swipe up and down directly). What's more, you don't need to click to activate the application window that needs scrolling, so you can keep the cursor in the text editor and scroll through the browser window to see the page.
    • Turn on Trackpad three-finger drag window features: Trackpad Options, Mouse & Trackpad, accessibility, System Preferences Dragging, three Finger Drag
2. How to set menu shortcut keys

Mac has a way to set shortcut keys for menus by locating specific APP matching menu function names. Refer to here to set the System Preference shortcut key. Using this method, I reset the screen recording shortcut for QuickTime Player:

The following shortcut keys are common global shortcuts in MAC systems (some unix/linux also), and you should use them to remember them:

    • System level

      • Command + W Close window
      • Command + M minimized window
      • Command + Q to exit the current program
      • Command + C replication
      • Command + V Paste
      • Command +, current program settings panel
      • Command + + enlarge content
      • Command +-Reduce content
      • Command + S Save
      • CONTROL + F Cursor advances one pane
      • CONTROL + b cursor back one cell
      • CONTROL + P cursor up one line
      • CONTROL + N Cursor down line
      • Control + D to remove forward
      • Control + H Backward Delete
      • Control + E to end of line
      • Control + A to the beginning of the line
    • Terminal

      • Control + W Delete entered content by word
    • Browser

      • Command + R Refresh
      • Command + L Enter the address bar
Software Installation

Common software production in Mac OS is excellent, thanks to Apple's unified development tools for Mac developers Xcode and design guidelines.

There are three ways to download software, the 2nd is recommended:

    1. Download and install the App Store. Network good students recommend the use of this method;
    2. Go to the official site of the software to download and install;
    3. Third-party website downloads, such as niche software, MACX can be downloaded to many common software, but pay attention to copyright and security issues.

After the software download is complete, the installation method is quite simple. Usually only two steps are required:

    1. Double-click Run. DMG download package;
    2. Drag the application that appears into the Applications folder. Application icons are usually pretty, and this is a requirement for Apple's design guidelines, including what size to use, and how many highlights to play from which angle.

Note: Some software for development classes and design classes may need to continue to double-click the application package (usually the default hard disk icon) After step 1 has been performed. After agreeing to a series of agreements, the program is automatically installed to the applications directory. Never create a new directory to store your application, all applications should be in the Applications folder for unified management. In the field of software development, we call it the COC principle, that is, it is a conventional rule. Mac OS has a lot of conventions, they can greatly improve the user's operational efficiency.

Install the source unknown software (risky), you need to open the appropriate permissions, the method is as follows:

    1. Click on the Apple icon on the top left to open the System Preferences;
    2. Access to Security & Privacy;
    3. Click the lock icon at the bottom left, enter the login password to unlock (Mac has a comprehensive control mechanism, high-risk operations usually need to enter the administrator password);
    4. Select Anywhere under Allow apps downloaded, and then click the lock icon to lock;
    5. Right click on the application icon (some software directly double-click Not), choose Open, so that you can give first run permissions, and then directly double-click to run.
Recommended software

Next introduce several commonly used software, rank has the order of priority! Specific software use method, please Baidu. Note that you can install the Office Mac version on your Mac, but it is recommended to use the IWork series experience directly. Where Numbers corresponds to excel,pages corresponding to word,keynote corresponding to PowerPoint.

1, 1Password

Very easy to use password management tools, recommended to buy.

2. Alfred

Mac Essential Workflow artifact, which can replace the system default Spotlight search function, in conjunction with the paid version of the Powerpack, in an input box to complete the calculation, file search, Web search, application Search, Arbitrary script execution, arbitrary shortcut keys to perform custom complex interaction.

3. Baidu Input Method

Used instead of the system default Chinese input method. After installation, click on the Input Method icon in the upper right corner, you can add or remove other input methods via Open Keyboard Preferences, input Sources. (You can not find the settings entrance of the classmate may try the previous article mentioned in the System Preferences search or Alfred search )

It is recommended to set the following shortcut keys:

    • Keyboard, shortcuts, Spotlight close ?Space and? ?Space
    • Keyboard, shortcuts, input Sources tick ?Space , open IME Toggle shortcut key
4, Mac QQ

After running the Mac QQ can press the control+command+a use function (by the way, the system default shortcut key is shift+command+4 , if you want to the Clipboard, you also have to press the control key). If Alfred is already installed, it is recommended to close swiftly, as follows:

    1. Click on the upper left of the Screen QQ menu, select Preferences ... to set the program settings (MAC system default all application configuration options shortcut keys are ?, , this is a COC);
    2. Cut to the swiftly panel and set the Launch swiftly to empty.
5, Foxmail

Apple's default Email application is not easy to use, it is recommended to switch to domestic Foxmail, will save a lot of configuration work.

6. Evernote

Personal Document Knowledge management tool

7. Parallels Desktop

Although it is strongly recommended that you do not install the Windows operating system on your Mac, some scenarios also have to use Windows, the virtual machine software that is best used under Mac. Free recommended use of VirtualBox

8, Sizeup

Window Size Quick Adjustment tool

9. Mou

Markdown Text Editor

10, other (on-demand installation)
    • Betterzip file compression/Decompression tool
    • Appcleaner Special Uninstall tool for Mac software
    • NetEase Cloud Music
    • Mindjet Manager Brain Map tool, as well as MindNode, Freemind, Baidu brain Map
    • The Scrollreverser can be configured separately for the Trackpad/mouse scroll direction, but if the Magic Mouse used is not recommended for modification
    • Cleanmymac Mac junk file Cleanup tool that will be used when there is not enough disk space
    • Coconutbattery Viewing battery life
    • WiFi Explorer scans WiFi channel and strength information

Students in the use of MAC process, if there is any problem or experience, welcome message to share:)

New MAC Installation Guide (general article) (Recommended settings, software installation, recommended software)

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