New Surface Book and Lenovo Yoga 910 which is good

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new Surface Book and Lenovo Yoga 910 which is good

Both Microsoft and Lenovo have recently updated their new two-in-all-in-one hybrid notebook, which also shows that the hybrid device is currently in the market with very high popularity. While Microsoft Surface Book i7 and Lenovo Yoga 9,102 new products are mixed devices, but the two in the form of "mixed" is completely different. Lenovo Yoga 910 uses a more traditional 360-degree flip screen hinge design, while Microsoft Surface Book i7 uses a screen-and-keyboard separation of the two in the form.

Hardware comparison: New Surface Book and Lenovo Yoga 910 which configuration strong?

The latest generation of surface Book and Lenovo Yoga 910 in fact in the hardware configuration "Close", the two are basically the same. Even the underlying version of the running memory and storage space are the same, and can be customized according to their preferences and budgets.

Lenovo Yoga 910 is equipped with Intel's newest seventh generation Kaby Lake Architecture Core i7 processor, with a frequency of up to 2.7GHz. Yes, this is not a streamlined "mobile processor", but a full-sized flagship i7 processor, which is rare in the two-in-one hybrid. The Surface Book also upgraded from the previous i5 processor to the latest i7 chip, but adopted the sixth generation Skylake architecture. Although the performance is equally good, it is slightly inferior to yoga 910.

But Surface book's biggest advantage is not in the processor, but in the graphics processing power. Yoga 910 is equipped with Intel's integrated graphics, although it meets daily requirements, but Microsoft is equipped with 2GB video memory for Surface Book i7 nvidia GeForce 965M independent graphics. It seems that in the graphics processing power, Surface book to be higher than yoga 910 performance a big cut, and Microsoft seems to Surface book's graphics processing ability to increase the stakes, for the separation of two-in-one device to add a separate graphics card, and there is another name, called Surface Book Yoga performance base.

It is worth noting that once the screen and keyboard separation, the independent video card will be lost, it appears that Microsoft will display graphics and thermal functions are designed on the base.

Screen contrast:

Surface Book i7 is definitely close to yoga 910 in contrast to screen effects, but Lenovo still adds 4K resolution to the small screen of Yoga 910.

Lenovo Yoga 910 is equipped with a 13.9-inch display and integrates the IPs touch screen and camera features, with a maximum resolution of 3840x2160 pixels and a pixel density of 315ppi. At the same time, the ultra-thin glass display makes the overall effect look very good.

and Surface Book i7 also do, although not 4K Super HD, but the effect is very good. Surface book's screen is 13.5 inches, resolution is 3000x2000 pixel, pixel density is 267ppi, and Surface book's display effect is very vivid, impressive. Therefore, whether it is Surface Book i7 or yoga 910, in the screen effect is the market on the ultra-thin mix of the leader.

Portability comparison:

In portability, Lenovo Yoga 910 won. Yoga 910 is now almost the thinnest two-in-one notebook on the market, even close to the Asus 10 mm thick spin 7. Yoga 910 has an average thickness of less than 15 millimeters, which is stuffed into a bag and sometimes forgets its existence.

While the Surface book is also in the volume control is good, but it is not small. The Surface book is larger than the yoga 910, has a thickness of 22.8 mm, weighs close to 1.8 kg, and Lenovo Yoga 910 weighs only 1.4 kg. Although it doesn't look like it, it's important to know that in ultra-thin notebooks, the thickness of each millimeter is poor and the weight per 100 grams is poor.

But bigger and thicker also means better endurance, and Microsoft says the Surface Book i7 full endurance of 16 hours, while Lenovo Yoga 910 has only 9 hours of endurance.

Connectivity comparisons:

In general, the two-in-one slim notebook is much less connected than a regular notebook, and this is the price to pay for the ultimate in the pursuit of thinness. Lenovo Yoga 910 is equipped with 3 USB ports (of which two are usb-c, one is usb-a), and a headset interface. The Surface Book offers two usb-a interfaces, headphone connectors, 1 mini-displayport and full-size card readers.

and the choice of connectivity is to see a person's preference. If you have already started a variety of usb-c interface devices, then Yoga 910 is well worth the choice. But if you still have the majority of USB 3.0 devices in your hands, then Surface Book i7 is better for you.

Exterior design:

In terms of design, it's really hard to win, because the Surface Book i7 and Yoga 910 Adopt a completely different mix. Lenovo Yoga 910 employs a more traditional flip-style two-in-oneness design, while Surface Book separates the screen from the keyboard, using a more unique design and user experience.

The Surface Book i7 's separable design gives it greater flexibility and becomes a real tablet computer without the need for a keyboard at all. This is a good design for users who don't have too much time to use a laptop, just use the keyboard occasionally, and have considerable time to use a tablet.

and Yoga 910 is a completely different route, it uses a very unique and beautiful hinge design, you can flip the screen back and forth between the tablet and notebook mode, and in the flat mode thickness is very thin, does not affect the portability.

Therefore in the design is definitely a personal preference problem, Yoga 910 and Surface Book are excellent workmanship, the use of flexible, two different classic design, to see how they choose.

Time and price of market:

In general, the two-in-one mix will not be too cheap, but yoga 910 seems to be more cost-effective than the Surface Book i7. The 1080p-resolution entry level Yoga 910 is priced at $1330 (about 9010 yuan), while the 4K Ultra High definition version of the price is higher than 100 U.S. dollars (about 9690 yuan), both have started sales.

The new Surface Book i7 will be officially on sale on November 10, and has begun to accept bookings, starting at $2400 (about 16260 yuan). If you take into account two products in the performance and design is actually so close to, and in the price is indeed Microsoft Surface Book i7 a big cut.

Evaluation Summary:

It's a hard thing to tell Surface Book and yoga 910 who are better off at once. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, such as the Surface Book i7 provides better graphics processing power and endurance, while yoga 910 is cheaper, processor faster, and has a higher screen resolution. Therefore, the choice between the two, more of the amount will be determined by the design, and the design of good and bad, is a very subjective factor.

When making a choice, we can consider our daily needs. If you want to use it every day, then Surface Book i7 should be your dish, after all, it is more functional, more excellent, and excellent performance. Although the processor is slightly worse than the yoga 910, but the independent graphics can make up for this gap, and the additional independent flat-panel experience, Surface Pen stylus and so on, so this hybrid is basically able to meet all your needs, day-to-day office, design and even games.

The biggest advantage of the yoga 910 is that it is much cheaper than the Surface book, plus a slim fuselage, top processor and screen effect, more suitable for users with limited budgets.

So if you're looking for richer features and use of the scene, then Surface Book is better than yoga 910, and if you just look for a reliable and excellent notebook and occasionally use it as a tablet, then Yoga 910 is a good choice.

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