New trends in the latest 10 Web page designs in 2009

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For Web Design, the changes in recent years have been particularly rapid, with new, almost yearly Web DesignTrends arise. Over the past few months of 2009 years, the Web-teaching network has collated and collected 2009 of the latest 10 new trends in web design.

1. letterpress letterpress effect

An unexpected trend in our observations is the relief effect (letterpress, the engraved effect of our seal carving). This trend may be due to a simple reason, because the technology is rarely used by people. We find that this technique is applied to different websites and multiple online service sites through different styles.

2. Rich UI Interactive User Interface

It is gratifying that the modern web site user interface has gradually become more beautiful and more user-friendly. In the past few years, these web-based applications have made amazing progress, and these interactive user interfaces are becoming more and more like traditional desktop applications. The extensive use of Ajax and Flash technology provides users with a wide range of very dazzling, powerful Web applications.

See some special things, these years we found that there are more blank space on the page, the spacing between the elements of the page is also getting larger. We have also observed that more and more sites are starting to provide intuitive user action responses on the page. For example, the button on the page will be based on the user's actions, such as the click Response to different states to indicate "normal" and "down" state. And many sites start to react differently to different users. So we assert that the adaptive user interface will be popular in the 2009.

3. png transparent picture

PNG transparent picture effects, although not supported by the old IE6, seem to have become popular last year. But the translucent background effect is what designers have always wanted. This background is often used in headers and footers, but there are some designs that jump out of the rut.

4. Large-size text typesetting

In past articles, we have introduced many examples of excellent large text typesetting. In the 2009, such trends will continue to prevail, especially for designer websites, personal portfolio sites and online service-class sites, which will be used to deliver the most important information to users.

This effect will generally control the font size below 36px, the designers put more effort on the details of typesetting, this shows that the Web page will become more beautiful, more consistent and look more convincing .

5. Font Substitution Technology

Designers have spent a lot of time on page layouts, and the same effort has been spent on font selection, with the exception of traditional classic fonts, and many designers have started using font substitution techniques, which we mentioned earlier (SIFR).

These fonts can greatly provide the visual effects of the Web, but in the Chinese world, this technology has encountered an unprecedented problem, the Chinese characters are not phonetic, a font may have several megabytes, simply can not use these technologies to replace, perhaps the text picture replacement is the only choice in Chinese at present.

6. Mode window (Lightbox technology)

Mode window technology, as the second generation of pop-up content technology. The Pattern window (Lightbox technology) is a good substitute for the original JavaScript pop-up window, provides a more user-friendly user experience, and directs the user's focus to the most important areas. Usually triggered by the user's click, similar to the traditional desktop applications. In most cases, these pop-up windows have a dark translucent background and a close button.

7. Multimedia Modules
With the popularity of broadband, today's users have been able to accept more content, so designers can use this opportunity to use a number of more attractive display methods. So many websites are starting to introduce multimedia content (such as video and screen video). This helps to quickly and effectively allow users to digest and accept the information you want to deliver.

These videos are a good way to explain every step of your site, no longer need multiple clicks, search, or learn how to navigate. Usually these videos are not too long, but the content remains intact.

Note that it is absolutely impossible to make these multimedia content a whole or an essential part of your site, after all, not all users have good network conditions, or some users do not want this form, it is possible that he is listening to music or other video on the machine.

8. Magazine Style style
In the blog web design, we find an interesting phenomenon is that many techniques are taken from the traditional (print) media design. Including the organization of the article, the layout of the page, illustrations and even the alignment of the text are more and more close to the traditional print media. Grid-based (GRID) design has been widely used in product sites, blogs and personal studio sites, but has not yet appeared in corporate sites or online stores.

9. Slide form

Carousel, which is the form of slide navigation, content horizontal or vertical scrolling. There are usually two navigation elements to control the direction of scrolling, as well as scrolling content.

The advantage of this form is that users can search for content they are interested in without multiple clicks, and can quickly scroll through slides to see what they want to notice. This form is used mostly for entertainment sites, or for some large blogs. is a very eye-catching way to display.

10. Content Introduction Module

The top-left corner of the page is the most important part of the page, because it's the most appealing to the user's eye. So we can put the most important information there to display, users can also get the information at the first time.

For a lot of personal studio sites, or product class sites, it's good to use this area to show the content, but it's almost impossible to see this way on blogs or online store sites.

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