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Due to development needs, in the local environment to configure the Nginx environment, using the installation of the CentOS 6.5 yum, install all normal, so the website files with the MV command moved to the new directory, and modify the configuration file, and restart Nginx.

Restart on a "403 is forbidden" error, view/var/log/nginx/error.log log display: XXX 403 Forbidden (13:permission denied) error.

Cause Nginx 403 Forbidden is usually three cases: one is the missing index file, the second is the permission problem, and the third is the SELinux state.

The missing index.html or index.php file is the specified file in the configuration file in the index index.html index.htm this line.

server {
Listen 80;
server_name localhost;
Index index.php index.html;
If there is no index.php,index.html under/var/www, direct access to the domain name, cannot find the file, will be reported 403 forbidden.

Second, permissions issues, if Nginx does not have the Web directory operation permissions, there will also be a 403 error.

Workaround: Modify the Web directory read and write permissions, or to the user to change the Nginx startup user directory, restart Nginx can be resolved

Chmod-r 755/var/www

To change the Nginx startup user to the directory's user-owned method:

User Yunva;

Third, the reason that SELinux is set to On state (enabled)

Check the on state of the native SELinux first, if the SELinux status parameter is enabled

or use the Getenforce command to check

Find out why, how to close SELinux?

1. Temporary shutdown (no restart)

Setenforce 0
2, modify the configuration file/etc/selinux/config, change selinux=enforcing to Selinux=disabled


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