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First, look at the Nginx version, I use the 1.9.7 version, the installation directory in/application/nginx-1.9.7

[Root@ansheng ~]#/application/nginx-1.9.7/sbin/nginx-v
nginx version:nginx/1.9.7 built by
GCC 4.4.7 20120313 (Red Hat 4.4.7-16) (GCC)
Configure arguments:--prefix=/application/nginx-1.9.7--user=nginx--group=nginx--with-http_stub_status_module

Second, check the grammar and start Nginx

[Root@ansheng ~]#/application/nginx-1.9.7/sbin/nginx-t
nginx:the configuration file/application/nginx-1.9.7/ conf/nginx.conf syntax are OK
nginx:configuration file/application/nginx-1.9.7/conf/nginx.conf test is successful
[Root@ansheng ~]#/application/nginx-1.9.7/sbin/nginx

Delete the extra gaze line and blank line in the Nginx configuration file

[Root@ansheng ~]# cd/application/nginx-1.9.7/conf/
[Root@ansheng conf]# egrep-v '
#|^$ ' Nginx.conf.default Worker_processes 1;
Events {
 worker_connections 1024;
 include mime.types;
 Default_type Application/octet-stream;
 Sendfile on;
 server {
  server_name localhost;
   root html;
   Index index.html index.htm;
  Error_page 502 503 504/50x.html;
  Location =/50x.html {
   root html;
}} [Root@ansheng conf]# egrep-v "#|^$" Nginx.conf.default nginx.conf

Iv. Add the following tags and contents to the Server tab of the Nginx configuration file

location/logs {

 autoindex on;

 autoindex_exact_size off;
 #默认为on, display the exact size of the file, in bytes
 #显示出文件的大概大小, in KB or MB or GB

 autoindex_localtime on;
 #默认为off, the file time displayed is GMT time.
 #改为on后, the file time shown is Add_header Cache-control no-store for the file's server time


Open the log file in the browser, if you do not open and then click on the file download instead of opening

[Root@ansheng conf]# vim mime.types
types {
 text/html html htm shtml;
 Text/log log;
 Text/css css;
 Text/xml XML;

Test syntax, and then let the Nginx configuration take effect in the browser view

[Root@ansheng conf]#/application/nginx-1.9.7/sbin/nginx-t
nginx:the configuration file/application/ nginx-1.9.7/conf/nginx.conf syntax is OK
nginx:configuration file/application/nginx-1.9.7/conf/nginx.conf test is successful
[Root@ansheng conf]#/application/nginx-1.9.7/sbin/nginx-s Reload

Open the browser to enter the domain name or IP, followed by logs, and then click on the file can be opened, if the log casually can be viewed by others is not very safe, so we have to add a layer of Nginx user authentication.

Vii. installation of Httpd-tools for account password generation

[Root@ansheng ~]# yum-y Install Httpd-tools

Eight, create the certified account

[Root@ansheng ~]# htpasswd-c/application/nginx-1.9.7/conf/loguser loguser
New password:
re-type new Password:
Adding password for user loguser

Nine, edit nginx configuration file, add the following content in logs location

location/logs {
 .. Alias PATH;
 AutoIndex on;
 Autoindex_exact_size off;
 Autoindex_localtime on;
 Add_header Cache-control No-store;
 Auth_basic "restricted";

Ten, and then open the time will be prompted to enter the account and password, after landing can be viewed.

Xi. Summary

The above is the use of Nginx to achieve real-time browser access to the log of all the steps, I hope that the study or work to help, if you have questions you can message exchange.

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